How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Wake up Refreshed

How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Wake up Refreshed : There is no denying that a good-night sleep can actually do wonders to our mind and body. Since, ‘comfortable sleep’ at night helps to get up refreshed, in this fast-paced world full of challenges and anxieties. One feels happy from within, on having a healthy body which is only possible after getting comfortable sleep every night. Leading a healthy life requires a continuous process where you have to follow a routine and your habits have to be in line with the same. In short, your life should be disciplined.

How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Wake up Refreshed

How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Wake up Refreshed
How to Get a Good Night Sleep and Wake up Refreshed

This is where the following post comes with the tips to get good night sleep so that you wake up refreshed:-

Say ‘No’ to gadgets

Have you ever realized the obvious and biggest cause of destruction to sleep? Well, it is none other than the gadgets. People have literally become hostages and slaves to their pleasure. It is true that old habits die hard, so before it becomes difficult for you to leave, say ‘No’, while you are on the bed, trying to get proper sleep. Or else you will start habituating and associating them as an important practice at the time of sleeping.

Have fruits

Do you know that having fruits in the form of orange, grapes, etc just before going to bed work in your favor? Yes, since these fruits have carbohydrates that produce melatonin which helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Besides being a healthy practice, it also helps you to get sleep comfortably. Fruits like these serve a dual purpose. Isn’t it?

Do exercise in morning

Can morning exercise help you to sleep better? Yes, indeed. You have to be fully determined to habituate yourself in doing morning cardio for atleast half an hour such as jogging on a treadmill or going for a walk etc.  When you allot a time early morning, then it becomes easier and systematic to get out of bed and you remain attentive and active. Eventually, it becomes helpful to hit bed easily at night

Create a comfortable environment

  • Have you ever woken up tired with a heavy head in morning?
  • Didn’t you get proper and comfortable sleep a night before?

If yes, then you should know that a comfortable sleep is based on various factors where traffic noise, light and pollution directly play an important role. Your room should be cozy enough with little or no distraction for ensuring a good night sleep. If your house is situated on a busy road with lots of vehicular movement, then your responsibility becomes even more. Your bed and mattress should equally be cozy and comfortable. Your curtains should have the feature of blocking light. Overall, think about different aspects which can enhance quality sleep further.


Is stress taking a toll on your health, so much that you can’t possibly sleep with peace at night? If yes then there are a series of techniques that will relax your mind such as doing meditation and yoga. It is even better if you have a bedtime routine where changing to night dress, brushing your teeth reading a book, etc helps your mind to prepare and get ready. So, when you adopt a routine like this, your mind starts to accept that it is time to sleep.

Dim the lights at night

Your overhead light due to its direct exposure may act as a hindrance towards ensuring a comfortable sleep. Hence, think about substitutes in terms of lamps, candles, etc which help in giving a serene and calm surrounding. They are a source of indirect light and go well with the natural process of helping an individual to get a comfortable sleep.

Take bath before going to bed

Do you know that if you take a warm bath an hour before going to bed, then it helps to relax your mind and body? Yes, indeed. Your body and mind go through a calmer mode and find it easier to get a good night sleep. Considering the heat which the body experiences during the warm bath, helps to relax ‘tensed’ and ‘tired’ muscles while de-stressing the body in process as well. You feel good about yourself after a hectic and tiring day at work.

Use ‘eye mask’ for giving better comfort to your eyes

  • Do you work at night-shift and sleep during day?
  • Does your partner prefer reading books till late at night, while you want to sleep comfortably?

If yes, then considering the above situations, an eye mask will come handy. In this way, you can continue to get an un-hindered sleep.

Declutter your bedroom

Do you know that we have a direct influence to what our eyes see? Likewise, after looking at a messy room (with lots of clutter) we only feel bad and sad as it sends an unpleasant signal to the brain. Even if the bed is cozy, but the room is in a bad shape, then it only mounts to sleep disorder. However, if your room is tidy with different series of things at its place, then it adds to a comfortable sleep.

Expose yourself to natural light during the day

Your body needs to get in touch with the natural light during the day as it is like giving the signal to the body of the sleep-wake cycle. Hence, the body knows and adapts itself accordingly with the time to sleep and wake up the next morning. This aspect adds to your quest of ensuring a good night sleep so that you get up refreshed to start your day productively.

 Final Thoughts

Finally, as you have gone through the aforesaid post you now know the answer to the basic query of how to get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed. Getting a comfortable sleep takes time and unfortunately it can’t happen instantly, like the way you power ‘On’ and ‘Off’ the button. So, you actually have to strategize and make plans and preparations to enter a surrounding where your mind and body get into a relaxing mode for a comfortable sleep to start your day refreshed.

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