Home Remedies for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Good Sleep During Pregnancy : Even though pregnancy offers such a beautiful phase for the ‘would-be-mothers’ but there are a few challenges for them. For example, the sleep schedule in all these nine months is something which at once gains prominent relevance, especially with the growing belly, nausea, cramps, frequently generating the urge to urinate, and many others. However, if you are the one who isn’t getting the required sleep and badly need the solution for the same, then refer the below post.

Home Remedies for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Good Sleep during Pregnancy
Home Remedies for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

Let’s take a look at the home remedies for good sleep during pregnancy:-

Home Remedies for Good Sleep during Pregnancy

Have less fluid in the evening

When you have a minimum intake of fluids in the evening, then you naturally find yourself having less urge to go to the bathroom during the night. This becomes a decisive factor for you to get a longer and more peaceful sleep after you go to bed. This practice gains even more significance during such a phase, as pregnant women experience frequent urination and you can do your bit on this front. On other hand, you can always drink to your fullest during the day though.

Do deep breathing

Have you realized that deep breathing consistently help you to minimize muscle tension and you get closer to sweet dreams? Yes. For the ones who are in the first half of pregnancy, simply lie down on the floor and extend your legs. While for others, it is recommended to tilt to your left. (Place a pillow on the right side, so you easily lie on the left side of your back). For maximizing the effect, breathe through your nose only (your mouth should be closed). Fill your lungs with air and that’s when you see your chest expanding as well. After a few seconds, slowly exhale right only through the noise, as you start a count till four.

Minimize the intake of caffeine

Now that you are pregnant you are naturally excited and nervous at the same time. Since you have to take extra precautions. For example, you need to realize that food and drinks which have the presence of caffeine in them may interfere with your sleep in terms of tea, coffee, chocolate, and soda. So, on the safer side, avoid them right from late afternoon.

Have a fixed ‘sleep-wake’ schedule

Do you know that adopting a consistent routine can actually help you to have a relaxing time? Hence, getting sleep is easier than you think. So, follow a specific time to sleep and as you go to bed at that time, then you experience an easier phase to get to sleep. You can take a warm shower before you go to bed and you will experience a marked difference in the process.

Sleep during day

Being pregnant is such a “Good News” that makes “Mothers-to-be” at the top of the world literally. Likewise, you undergo certain precautions which simplify the phase. For example, sleeping during the day helps your mind and body to relax, so that you can be at peace. Usually, it is avoided to sleep for a long time during the day, as you will end up longing for the same at night.

Involve yourself in Yoga and stretching

Do you know that yoga can help you to gain a calmer mind and body? Yes, indeed while at this (pregnancy) stage you can help your body to be toned as well. Remember to take guidance from a professional who has experience working with pregnant women.

Make sure that your bedroom is comfortable

Pregnancy is the phase when the body feels warmer, so set the room’s temperature accordingly as it has to be cooler. Any noise or light should be blocked or else you experience frequent issues like waking up from a raw sleep. Don’t use mobile phone while in bed or you will only delay your sleep. Additionally, make use of the night bulb in the bathroom in order to simplify your trips.

Drink Lemon Juice

Lemon has various benefits and acts as an important and useful substitute during pregnancy. Since, during this phase, women experience lower levels of Vitamin C which results in giving headaches and thus loss of sleep. Amongst the other known benefits are reliving the stomach from cramps and toxins from the body while creating improved blood circulation in the process.

Use peppermint oil

There are certainly exciting and rewarding phases in life and pregnancy is one of them and it comes with responsibilities as well. Hence, expecting mothers need to be cautious. However, when you follow certain tips then the phase passes easily. For example, Peppermint Oil is known to minimize tensions while at the same time giving a cooling sensation in the skin. You can hand rub the oil in between your palms to apply on the forehead, and temples for a few minutes in order to see a pleasant difference.

Have a clear head while going to sleep

Do you know the biggest drawback of not getting proper sleep? Well, it is stress that either delays your sleep, or you don’t get proper sleep. Sadly, you pass the night in utter distress hoping to get even couple of hours of sleep, but can’t. Hence, the best thing is to free your mind and write down the things which are worrying you, so that you can discuss with your friends next day. Also be positive and motivated in the process.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have gone through the aforesaid post regarding home remedies for good sleep during pregnancy. It is the time when women are likely to face issues with their quality of sleep due to the hormonal changes in the body. Considering this important phase, it is important to take due precautions for making this beautiful phase easy and memorable as well. You will experience a soothing and calm mind where you won’t be taking undue stress anymore. It is recommended to catch up on lost sleep at any time of the day, as you can’t possibly get due sleep at night. Still, if you are experiencing a disturbance in sleep, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the doctor.

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