Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law : The husband calls the wife of the younger sister a sister-in-law. In this section, you see happy birthday wishes for Sister-in-law In Punjabi from the brother-in-law, happy birthday quotes for Sister-in-law in Punjabi, and text with images. AffAffectionating happy birthday wishes for Sister-in-law in Punjabi from the younger brother-in-law. Every elder and younger brother-in-law celebrates his sister-in-law’s birthday by cutting cake, candles, and balloons. We published a lot of birthday wishes for your sister-in-law in the native Punjabi language on our site for free. Most people around the country celebrate their sister-in-law’s birthday by sending these happy birthday wishes on their Sister-in-law’s WhatsApp and Facebook.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law

Choose the best birthday message for your Sister-in-law on our site, like you are not my sister-in-law, but you became my sister. I never had such a sister; my blessings are always on you, god’s given friendship from heaven above and more. Even find birthday wishes messages for your sister-in-law in long sentences. Also, either way, you can choose long or short messages.

A sibling-in-law is referred to as a sister-in-law for a female sibling-in-law and a brother-in-law for a male. Form a better relationship with your sister-in-law by sending these birthday messages and quotes on her birth date. Discover affectionating birthday messages or love proposal birthday messages to express your feelings for her through our messages on our site.

Don’t require signing up for our site account to get the best birthday messages and quotes you are looking for your sister-in-law to wish on her birthday in your native Punjabi language; visiting our site will bring you the birthday stuff, including text images as well. Nowadays, people wish everyone’s birthday through social media networks, not directly saying birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law

Asi tuhade dil vch rehnde an, Ese lai har dard sehne an,

Koi wish na kr deve mere toh pehle, es lai advance vch janamdin Mubarak kende an 🙂


Janamdin dian bohut bohut wadayiyan ji… 🙂


Suraj Roshani le k ayeya teh,

Cheerian ne  ganna gayeya,

Fullan ne hass hass k bulayeya,

Mubarka hon tuhanu tuhada janamdin ayeya

Janamdin dian mubarka ji 🙂


Raab kre tehnu har Khushi mil jave,

Asi tere lai jo dua kriye kabool ho jave,

Khushian mano teh taraki pa,

Janamdin Mubarak ji 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Sister in Law


Saade layi khas hai aj da din
Jeda nahi beetana chahunde tuhade bin
waise tan har dua mangde assi rab kolo
fir bhi dua karde ha ki khub sarian khushiyan milan tuhanu is janamdin 🙂


Aj tuhada Janamdin hai,

Meri dua hai,

Jinne chan tare ne uni tuhadi umar hove

Janamdin Mubarak 🙂


Tuhada janamdin mehnu facebook reminder toh bina v yaad rehnda hai

Janamdin Mubarak ji 🙂


Raab tuhanu hamesha hasda khed-da rakhe…

Sade walon janamdin dian bohut bohut mubarka 🙂


Mubarka janamdin dian “parmatma” kre

Eh saal tuhade lai khushian bareya aveh 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka “Raab” kolo ehhi ardass hai,

Tusi har vehle esseh tara he muskurande raho 🙂


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