Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person : Generally, In this world, there are so many languages to express the feeling with someone on their special day. Out of all the days Remembering or celebrating someone’s Birthday who is very important to you is the more precious and memorable thing. Having aged persons in our family is a blessing. They can guide us, share the experience, and encourage us to face challenges.

Aged people live their entire life for the sake of their family’s happiness. At their final stage, they wish to live a peaceful life, we have the responsibility to put them happy, and we must celebrate the special occasions of their life. Out of all the days, Birthday is a very special day in everyone life because we are entering into the world with lots of love and hope.

Everyone wishes the person in their own native language, they can use several ways of expressing their wishes in the form of gifts, blessings, and showing a lot of love. So you must wish the Aged person special so they can never forget it and remember it for their lifetime. Just like in other languages, in Punjabi, You can make Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person

Wish them specially and maintain a strong bonding between you and your aged people in the family, Do funny and crazy things on their birthday so they can remember them and the smile on their face will last forever. Every language has its own importance; Punjabi language is also having special importance because this is a way of showing love and care towards others. You can tell the wishes in various ways in the form of messages, quotes, and GIFS.

To show respect and honor towards the aged persons, the person can also gather birthday greetings in Punjabi in the form of printed wallpapers that shows special interest in them. Wish them and add some colors to their life.
In Punjabi there are so many funny and crazy birthday wishes; these are applicable to all members of the family you can use them for friends and elders too.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person

Tuhade janamdin dian tuhanu teh tuhade samuh Parivar nu lakh lakh wadayiyan ? rab kre sada hasde vasde raho


Suraj Roshani le k ayeya teh,

Cheerian ne  ganna gayeya,

Fullan ne hass hass k bulayeya,

Mubarka hon tuhanu tuhada janamdin ayeya


Har pal mile tuhanu zindgi vch pyar he pyar, Janamdin Mubarak mere sohne yaar 🙂


Tere warga yaar pa k zindgi khoobsurat lagdi hai..

Janamdin Dian Bohut Bohut Mubaraka ji 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Person


Raab tuhanu hamesha hasda khed-da rakhe…

Sade walon janamdin dian bohut bohut mubarka 🙂


Mubarka janamdin dian “parmatma” kre

Eh saal tuhade lai khushian bareya aveh 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka “Raab” kolo ehhi ardass hai,

Tusi har vehle esseh tara he muskurande raho 🙂


Pesh hai fulan da guldasta
Chehra aven hi rahe tuhada hansda
Khusiyan di barsat howe jabardast
Sade walon janamdin dian bohut bohut mubarkan 🙂


Har kadam ch mile khusiya di bahaar
Khoob tarakee kare te mile sariya da pyaar..
Janamdin di bahut bahut mubarkan 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka ji,

“Raab” tuhadi umar lambi kare teh sir upper mehar bhareya hath rakhe 🙂

Don’t forget to wish the Aged Persons because they sacrificed their entire life for our happiness, wish them specially and more uniquely so they felt happy and remember it and never forget it because celebrating someone’s birthday who is so special in our life is very important it is our responsibility to make them happy.

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