Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother : Mother is not just a word, It is a world of true love and care, One and only person in this fake world shows pure love and care towards his children, no matter how the age of the children mother shows equal love until the end of her life, She forgets about herself her needs and scarifies her dreams for the happiness of the children, Everyone is so thankful to their mothers.

Mother shows unconditional love, care, and always prayer for us, and encourages us, she always hopes for our safety and security, Mother didn’t live for herself her life is fully for the sake of his children, After marriage onwards, she works for their family, love them, care them, she forgets to think about herself always wish and care about their family their children, always think my children, she lives in their children world only, she didn’t have any separate life.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother

With one little thing and one little smile, she feels so happy and forgets all the pain, Everyone has the responsibility to take care of her mother, most important in her olden days, We need to respect and honor our aged mother, without her we are nothing, so always love your mother, no person is more important than our mother, Having a mother is really an incredible blessing from god.

God gives a person who is equal to him and shows love and care, it is not possible for him to be present everywhere and every time with everyone, He created a mother, she shows will all the colors of life, and she feeds us, educates us and motivates us and plays a crucial role in everyone life, Without mother our life is blind and we are just a blind people in this world without her, Without his presence, the house and life is empty there is no happiness.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother

Tuhada janamdin mehnu facebook reminder toh bina v yaad rehnda hai,

Janamdin Mubarak Mummy ji 🙂


Meri pyari mummy ji nu janamdin dian bohut bohut mubarka 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka “Raab” kolo ehhi ardass hai,

Tusi har vehle esseh tara he muskurande raho 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka mummy ji,

“Raab” tuhadi umar lambi kare the sir upper mehar bhareya hath rakhe  🙂



Tuhade janamdin teh meri tuhade lai ichha hai ke tusi hamesha khush raho teh tandrust raho Mummy ji,  Janamdin Mubarak


Es duniya vch jine rishteh

Sab jhooth teh beroop

Ma da Rishta sab toh sacha

Ma hai raab da roob

Janamdin Mubarak mummy ji 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aged Mother


Mummy ji mehnu tuhade janamdin teh ki kehna chahida hai,

Meh sirf eh kehna chaunda haan ke mehnu maan hai ke meh tuhada beta haan

Janam din mubaran mummy ji 🙂



Meri sab toh wadia teacher teh dost mummy ji nu janamdin dina bohut bohut mubarka

Janamdin Mubarak Mummy ji 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka meri Sohni Mummy Ji nu

Parmatma tuhanu dunian dian har khushian den 🙂


Pesh hai fulan da guldasta
Chehra aven hi rahe tuhada hansda
Khusiyan di barsat howe jabardast
Janamdin Mubarak mummy ji 🙂

Celebrating their mother’s birthday feels so exciting, she didn’t need costly gifts and does not wish to go to the richest people she always wishes to live with their children and family until the end of her life. If you are from Punjabi family and want to with her in your Native language this article will help you to wish you Punjabi Aged Mother in Punjabi language. No words in the world will exactly explain the love of the mother, It is a small thing in front of her love and affection towards us, so love your mother more and more and make some memorable things and celebrate her special days, so she will remember them and never forget your love until her last breath.

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