Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl : Do you have an aesthetic girl who is from Punjabi and want to wish her in Punjabi on her birthday to give a surprise to her, If yes, then you can send birthday wishes in her native language gently. Use these birthdays wish messages to send to her through social media networks. You don’t need to discomfort your brain to think of the best birthday wishes for your aesthetic girl. If you are a poet you can write it down on paper and send a copy of it to her through any network on her birthday but if you are not a poet use these existing birthday wish messages in her native Punjabi language.

We bring you amazing messages for birthday wishes, wedding anniversaries, and other events. If you are far away from your aesthetic girl and you are getting frustrated in finding birthday wishes messages on the internet don’t waste your time, just find them on this site. The birthday messages you can find like if I couldn’t wish you on your birthday this day is incomplete for me, I am thinking you are born on this day, this day is special to me.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl

Anyone who has ever had a best girlfriend who is aesthetic knows how irreplaceable that relationship can be, it is difficult to think so. Here are some birthday wishes to help them and make them happy as well. You may notice birthday messages like without you my day is empty, I can feel lonely if I wouldn’t hear your voice for a day, All of these words I want to say in the Punjabi language to express my feelings to you, never mind you can express whatever you are feeling in birthday messages by using this birthday wish messages.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl

Asi tuhade dil vch rehnde an, Ese lai har dard sehne an,

Koi wish na kr deve mere toh pehle, es lai advance vch janamdin Mubarak kende an…  πŸ™‚


Khushboo teri yaari di saanu mehka jaandi hai,
teri har ik kitti hoyi gal saanu behka jaandi hai,
saah taan bahut der lagaande ne aun – jaan vich,
har saah ton pehle teri yaad aa jaandi hai.
Janamdin dian bahut bahut mubarkaan ji πŸ™‚


Saade layi khas hai aj da din
Jeda nahi beetana chahunde tuhade bin
waise tan har dua mangde assi rab kolo
fir bhi dua karde ha ki khub sari khushiyan mile tuhanu is janamdin πŸ™‚


Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Aesthetic Girl


Har pal mile tehnu zindgi vch pyar he pyar, Janamdin Mubarak mere sohne yaar πŸ™‚


Aj tera janamdin hai,

Meri dua hai,

Jinne chan tare ne unni teri umar hove πŸ™‚


Shehar tere diyan galiyan de vich rul jayie,
yaad karde tenu khud nuu bhul jayie.
Saare jagg da hasaa banan to pehlan,
teri akh cho athru banke dull jayie,
Janamdin Mubarak!


Tuhada janamdin mehnu facebook reminder toh bina v yaad rehnda hai πŸ™‚

Janamdin Mubarak ji


Raab tuhanu hamesha hasda khed-da rakhe…

Sade walon janamdin dian bohut bohut mubarka πŸ™‚


Pesh hai fulan da guldasta
Chehra aven hi rahe tuhada hansda
Khusiyan di barsat howe jabardast
Janamdin Mubarak ji πŸ™‚


Tuhanu yaad rahe ya na rahe,

Sanu rehnda hai yaad ae din har din,

Sade lai ta bohut khash ae,

Kyuke aj hai apne yaar da janamdin πŸ™‚


Everyone can feel a great way who has an aesthetic girlfriend in their lives, it is no matter what you are feeling inside of your heart, the matter how you express your feelings about her in her native language is important for you. You can express your love or friendship or responsibility or any other relation with these birthday wishes and get to build bonding strong in between you or which may lead to any relationship as well.

Don’t think a poet has inside of you, if you do make mistakes in expressing something you want to her in messaging that may lead to breaking your relationship. If you want to keep having a positive relationship with her then use these birthday wishes messages on her birthday.

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