Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults : I don’t know whether people are celebrating festivals or not but they are ready to wish their friends, family,  colleagues or partners and clients right now and these days posting some messages by picking up special birthday messages from various sources on the internet. You can easily search for special messages belonging to festivals, birthdays, occasions, events, or else on the internet in any language. You can copy the liked content which is useful for you and translate it into your native language.

Internet brings you whatever you want within a few seconds if you have an active internet connection. If you are looking for happy birthday wishes in Punjabi for adults you can get these birthday messages from this site and send them to your favorite or liked ones around the world with a single click. There is no need to think of special messages to write down on paper and type on your social media networks in your liked native language at all.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults

You can find lots of birthday wishes to greet your liked adults on this site, and find out which birthday message has meaningful words or not. Birthday wish messages vary from one message to another because messages depend on values, personality, and respect. If you are a respectable person you choose the best birthday messages for adults as well.

My dear friend, without your presence in this society, I couldn’t have been learning moral values that made me healthy and gave me the strength to lead my life. Whatever you taught me has helped me a lot in my life to reach my goals very easily. I never forget you until my last breath dear friend this is my humble wish for your birthday, may have a long life.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults

Janamdin dian bohut bohut wadayiyan ji… 🙂


Suraj Roshani le k ayeya teh,

Cheerian ne  ganna gayeya,

Fullan ne hass hass k bulayeya,

Mubarka hon tuhanu tuhada janamdin ayeya 🙂


Raab kre tehnu har Khushi mil jave,

Asi tere lai jo dua kriye kabool ho jave

Khushian mano teh taraki pao…Janamdin Mubark ji 🙂


Har pal mile tehnu zindgi vch pyar he pyar, Janamdin Mubarak mere sohne yaar 🙂


Shehar tere diyan galiyan de vich rul jayie,
yaad karde tenu khud nuu bhul jayie.
Saare jagg da hasaa banan to pehlan,
teri akh cho athru banke dull jayie.
Janamdin Mubarak 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults
Happy Birthday Wishes in Punjabi for Adults


Tere warga yaar pa k zindgi khoobsurat lagdi hai..

Janamdin Mubarak mere ghaint yaar:-)


Saddi te dua hai koi gila nahin
Ohh gulab jo ajj tak kadi khilya
Tuhanu oh sab kuch milee jo
ajj tak kadi kise nu miliya nahin.
Janamdin Mubarak 🙂


Tuhada janamdin mehnu facebook reminder toh bina v yaad rehnda hai

Janamdin Mubarak Ji 🙂


Mubarka janamdin dian “parmatma” kre

Eh saal tuhade lai khushian bareya aveh 🙂


Janamdin dian lakh lakh mubarka “Raab” kolo ehhi ardass hai,

Tusi har vehle esseh tara he muskurande raho 🙂


Wishing your best friend who is from the Punjabi region and if you are searching for the birthday wish messages in the Punjabi language. Here you can find out easily to enlarge your bonding or friendship with him so much. You can get these impressive birthday messages to wish your friend through mobile phone via social media networks.

You can take a chance to send a bundle of messages to your friend to wish your birthday wishes to him. Especially greet him in the Punjabi language on his birthday you can also add stickers, emojis, and more to it to impress him with your messages. You don’t need to write down your feelings on paper to hear your words, you can find whatever birthday wishes you want in the Punjabi language.

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