Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 3 Years Old

Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 3 Years Old: Whether you are an adult or a parent, we always look for exciting pumpkin ideas for the Halloween to make the most of the festival. Above all, kids are the ones who are the most thrilled at the prospect of having differently carved pumpkins around them and getting dressed up in scary outfits. The following pumpkin carving ideas of 3 years old kids will enliven their Halloween all the way.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 3 Years OldHalloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 3 Years Old

Smiles Spreading Pumpkin:

No matter what event or festival you are organising or attending, smiles are indispensable. The same goes for the Halloween as well. Take the pumpkin, and remove the seeds from inside it. Take a suitable tool such as a knife and carve a beautiful smiling face on the pumpkin surface.

The Gang of Pumpkins:

Here you need to have around 5-8 small pumpkins. Draw amusing facial expressions on all the pumpkins with the use of different paint colours. To cap it all, you can take the help of some other accessories as well such as a cap, sunglasses, bow, etc.

Solve the Pumpkin:

After removing the inner material of the pumpkin, either draw a colourful pattern on the pumpkin or paste any random picture on it. Take out multiple shapes with the help of a knife from the pumpkin and ask kids to place the removed pieces to their original position.

Attired Pumpkin:

Fancy dress parties are not the only occasion to put on funny and tempting clothes. You can indulge in the same on the Halloween as well, but here, your pumpkin gets to be dressed up. Put on different clothing on the pumpkin and supplement it with the necessary accessories based upon the attire chosen.

The pumpkin that Reads:

Once you are done carving a face on the pumpkin, render it with reading glasses. Place some books and a pen near the pumpkin. Your pumpkin is now ready to acquire its education.


Crowned pumpkin

Your daughter will always be a princess. To celebrate Halloween with your little one, make up a pumpkin-like queen. But if you are busy and need a simple pumpkin carving, still having the royal feature, then go for a crowned pumpkin. This includes very simple steps and little properties. The main two things you need are a crown and a medium-sized pumpkin. Now clean the pumpkin and draw eyes, nose and mouth to it using different colours like a girl. Draw some hairs with black paint. Place the crown on the top of the pumpkin. The cute easy crowned pumpkin is ready. Celebrate this Halloween with easy steps with your baby girl.

Let them draw

Another idea for your baby girl is to make them draw on the pumpkin. That will be cute and fun. It will also help them to develop their artistic abilities and can be a beautiful memory in the future. This is nothing, but simply ask you, little girl, to draw whatever she likes on the pumpkin with colours of her choice. For this, buy a big and well-shaped pumpkin and clean its outside. Gift your baby with some colour pens and let her do the rest. But make sure she is doing it under the guidance of an elder for better results. You can also help her with the same. Then display it as her work and congratulate her for the beautiful work.

Barbie pumpkin

Most of the girls like to have barbie dolls with them. So let us work on a barbie pumpkin for our baby girl. It may take some time to work on it, but a careful execution can result in amazing outcomes. First of all, you need a medium-sized pumpkin. Then clean the inside of it and make it a hollow one. After this, take out the printout of a Barbie girl from the internet and mark it in the pumpkin. Carefully cut through the marked lines with a pumpkin cutter. After this, you can beautify it using some colours or glitter. Make your little one do the colouring portion, and it will be a great experience for them.

Hairy pumpkin

This idea will suit a girl child who loves long hair. Making a hairy pumpkin is easy and can be funny with your little one. For this, you need a big pumpkin and long artificial hair to fix in the pumpkin. Take out the pumpkin, clean it well. Make a hole on the bottom. Empty the inside with a spoon and clean there too. Then cut out a smallmouth on it and draw a lip around. Asking your baby girl to colour will be fun. Then place two eyes in it. Then comes the important part. Fix the hair on the pumpkin. Ask your girl to do the hair of the pumpkin as she likes. Help her in this regard and arrange the hair beautifully. You can also illuminate it with lights after finishing it.

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