Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2 Years Old

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2 Years Old: You should not be flabbergasted if you come across folks who often search for new and fanciful ideas to make their Halloween pumpkins more captivating than that of their next door neighbor. We bet you too want to have some unexplored ideas up your sleeve so that you can also make your visitors go awe over your spooky and mischievous pumpkins. To enable you have your upcoming Halloween an unforgettable one for you and your 2 years old kids, we have the following pumpkin carving ideas that must be given a shot.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2 Years Old

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2 Years Old

Mischievous Pumpkin:

2 years old kids are likely to be quite mischievous and keep you on your toes while they play around. What’s better than having a mischievous companion around them? Carve a troublesome smile on the pumpkin after removing the seed and the pup from inside it. To make it more alluring, take help of some accessories as well.


Mickey Mouse Pumpkin:

Cartoons have always been the favorite of kids with Mickey Mouse leading the trail. Once you are done removing the material form inside the pumpkin, sculpt the Mickey Mouse face on the pumpkin. Your kids will go awe the moment they glance at the pumpkin.


Blooming Pumpkin:

The task is quite simple here. Make multiple holes on the pumpkin and place flower sticks of your choice into the holes. You can either choose any particular flower or have a combination of different flowers to make it look more colorful.


Jigsaw Pumpkin:

After removing the inner material of the pumpkin, draw any pattern or glue up a picture on the pumpkin. Take out several small shapes from the surface of the pumpkin and involve the kids to put the removed pieces back to their places.


The Bunch:

Hand over some small pumpkins to the kid and ask them to paint the pumpkins with any pattern that interests them with different colors. The activity will be definitely a hit among the 2 years old kids.


Let them write

The first four years of every child is crucial in developing various skills, especially speaking and writing. So celebrity Halloween to promote those skills can bring a tremendous change to your kids. Let them write on the pumpkin. This is a simple and safe pumpkin carving idea, best suited for toddlers. Ask them to write whatever they like on the pumpkin and leave them to bring out their creativity. This can be a little messy but will pay back good results. Also, you can help them with the alphabet, kindergarten books and colours. This exercise can create curiosity in their minds for learning and will reflect in their future years.


Colour the pumpkin

Another way to evoke your little one’s creativity is by colouring the pumpkin. One and two years will be the age to recognise colours and figures. So giving them a chance to explore it will be fun and informative. For this, take out two or three big pumpkins and give them to the kids. Also, help them with colours and brushes. Let them colour the pumpkins as they want. In the middle of the colouring, you can ask them to identify the colours and help them to draw. After the painting, you can decorate them with glitter and lights, making them pleasing for the eyes. Celebrate this Halloween by help the toddlers grow better!


Print the foot

This is a popular way of celebrating Halloween with toddlers. Since it’s a very easy and effective pumpkin carving idea, many follow this method. It is simply about imprinting the footprints in the pumpkin. Take a medium-sized pumpkin and place the little feet of your toddler in it. Before doing it, make sure you cleaned the pumpkin and removed all the seeds, by making a hole in the bottom. Trace the leg in the pumpkin and cut it as marked. Now the shape of your baby’s foot will be in the pumpkin. Repeat it on different sides of the pumpkin and place a candle or LED light inside it to make it more beautiful.

Paint with feet and palm

Nobody dislikes a little hand and legs. Why can’t you celebrate Halloween and decorate the pumpkin with your kids’ small feet and palms? For this, you need a small pumpkin and some paint. First, clean the outer side of the pumpkin well. Then put the feet of your baby in the paint and press it on the pumpkin, which leaves a mark on it. Do the same with your palm. Doing it with light colours like white, pink or sky blue can be more attractive in the Orange pumpkin. Also, write sentences like, this is my first Halloween or celebrating the second Halloween on the pumpkin. This can also add to the creativity.

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