Halloween Festival

Halloween Festival

Every lunar cycle acts in conjunction with some celebrations on some occasions. The All Saints Eve, Halloween Festival is also one such festival which comes amid to the winter. The festival keeps us connected to the remembrance of the dead which are believed to arrive on the Earth on this day for about twenty centuries ago. From that time, this festival is celebrated with hammer and tongs by the Christians dedicate this time to their saints, dead people and the martyrs. It is celebrated to maintain the happiness and peace for the soul of dead people and the protection of the living ones from winter.

Halloween Festival
Halloween Festival

There is a belief across the whole globe that Halloween Festival got the existence from the Celtic Harvest Festivals. Along with this, there are many other beliefs too. Nowadays, it is celebrated as a ceremony which includes so many tasks. Scroll down to pay a glance at the tasks and activities which are performed during this festival.

  • The people celebrate this function by organizing Halloween theme based parties. In such celebrations, the people embed stars into the beauty of the night by wearing Halloween costumes or can say the apparels like ghosts. Especially, when the people let the greasepaint adhere on the faces so that they can look like the real ghosts to scare others.
  • Jack-o-lanterns are the symbols to signify the Halloween festival. Right from the kids to adults, adults to old, everyone transform their carved pumpkin into lanterns so that the houses can get the glow and streets can look magnificent.
  • In the continuation to this, playing pranks with the friends is also a part of celebrations of the festival. No one gets angry and the moments of panic attacks with the pranks turn into joy and happiness in a while. These fun activities make Halloween colorful for everyone regardless of their age.
  • Also, the people sit in the groups and tell the scary and horror stories to each other along with watching horror movies to add more fright to the night. In such situations, goosebumps come naturally. As per the celebrations of Halloween, it is believed that the scarier the night, the successful the festival.
  • The thing which makes this fearful night somewhere speechless to describe is the candle ceremony. People lit the candles on the graves where their ancestors were buried after their death. It is believed that the souls get peace when we give light to them.

Also, “trick or treat” task performed by children is the main point of attraction of the festival. In this, children go from house to house and ask for owners to give a treat to them otherwise they can choose the option of property to destroy.

Halloween Festival
Halloween Festival

In addition to these activities, people also play many other games. And, one most interesting fact about this festival is that people are kept abstained from meat on this day. Due to which, they feed their stomachs in a vegan’s style by apples, potato pancakes, and the soul cakes.

So, if you are excited about the festival, then be prepared for these activities so that you can multiply the fun to infinity.

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