Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses

Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses : To celebrate Halloween, many hospitals and doctor’s offices encourage their staff to dress in costume. Whether your floor is having a contest or you’re just trying to put a smile on the face of your patients.

Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses

Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses
Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses

justquikr  Specially brought few Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses .i hope it would have helped you in some or the other way. Enjoy the activities and feel the happiness of Halloween Day.

  • Zombie Nurse 

This is probably not a good choice for a costume if you work in pediatrics, as the face makeup alone may scare younger children.

However, a zombie nurse costume is pretty easy to pull off if it’s the scary look you’re going.

The Give yourself some messy hair and use a bit of red makeup to make yourself look a little more deadly.

Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses
Halloween Day Dress Ideas for Nurses

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  • Operation Based Game 

Operation isn’t just an exciting game. You can also use it as a fun costume this Halloween! All you need to do is cut out images and stick them to your body. Seriously, it’s that easy.Just watch your costume be the talk of your department.

  • Jelly Bean 

If you’ve been handing out jelly beans every Nurse Week, your colleagues will surely get this costume. And if you don’t, no worries. The kids in the pedia ward will be all over you.

  • Easy Pineapple

Don’t have the time to make a decent costume.Don’t worry. With a yellow shirt, green cardboard paper, and black marker, you’ll be able to make your very own pineapple costume. You’re sure to stand out amongst all the downer zombies and mummies.

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  • Cat Nurse 

Don’t know what to be this Halloween? Be your cat! With dark makeup, red lipstick, and dark nail polish, this costume is easy to put together. You can even wear it with your scrub suit.

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