Good Sleeping Position for Weight Loss

Good Sleeping Position for Weight Loss : Are you cautiously following a proper regime such as eating healthy and doing recommended exercises, but results are not satisfactory with regards to weight loss? If yes, then you need to know that getting quality sleep is important. Now, your specific selection of sleeping posture also impacts your weight loss.

Have you ever heard that a certain sleeping position can actually help you lose weight?

If not, then stick with the post, since actually you can ‘style’ your sleeping posture to lose certain weight in the easiest possible manner.

Weight gain is mostly the result of hectic life with long hours of working at a certain position with limited mobility. Additionally, unhealthy eating habits only add fat to the body. It is natural that if you have gained a certain weight, then following a good sleeping position can actually set to lose weight.

Good Sleeping Position for Weight Loss

Good Sleeping Position for Weight Loss
Good Sleeping Position for Weight Loss

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Importance of choosing specific sleeping posture

Sleeping at a correct posture makes you relaxed and develops your brain and skin tissues, recover from sores and injuries overnight and also help you to lose weight.

It is indeed something new to relate the fact that one can lose weight while sleeping. Since, certain sleeping positions enhance metabolic rate to help in weight loss. It is known that metabolic functions are far more active during night. So, if you are concerned about your bulging stomach, then don’t worry.

Sleeping on the back

Lying horizontally is an ideal and healthy position which when followed properly convert food into energy and not into fat content.  Stretch your legs straight and slightly elevate them. It distributes the weight evenly thus creating a safeguarded approach health wise. It is suited for those who have leg pain or back pain

Safety Tips to Adhere

  •         Don’t go for back sleeping if you snore or struggle with sleep apnea
  •         In order to minimize pressure on your spine, place pillow below the knees
  •         In view of respiratory problems, elevate your head and torso, for easing the process of proper breathing during sleep

Sleeping on stomach

Sleeping on the stomach, systematically exerts pressure on the stomach due to the weight of the body. Since, there is a constant exertion, which is quite helpful as it removes the possibility of fat accumulation. Sleep with a pillow on your head for obvious reasons that is to gain certain comfort. You can easily switch to another position in between your sleep. After all, it is important to avoid chest tightness or obstruction during breathing. More importantly, it ensures proper movement of blood in the body which is very necessary.

Certain safety tips to follow:-

  • The position isn’t recommended for long duration continuously, considering the concentration of pressure right on the belly, and also due to continuous pressure on the spine. So switch to another position after 2-3 hours.
  • A durable pillow with great support helps your delicate neck as well as head to maintain the comfortable posture, and thus remove the possibility of back pain or strain.
  • Switch to back position on alternate basis for a regular body movement and to keep yourself comfortable, since sticking to one position creates inconvenience
  • The mattress should be clean and hygienic and so the room, as any sort of irritation will nullify the beauty of this sleeping posture

Sleeping on the side

While sleeping on this position, don’t forget to use pillows between knees to align the body.

Sleeping on the left side goes easy with the stomach as it alleviates acid reflux and heartburn. While sleeping on the right side is not advised as it compresses the smooth functioning of the cardiovascular system, so you may have issues with breathing.

Although, there is no substantial evidence regarding the certain sleeping posture out scoring others. But all of them have their own significance with regards to weight loss provided that you are regularly doing exercises as well as taking a healthy diet along with loads of sleep.

Room should be pitch dark

Do you know that the body reduces melatonin at night, which is a sleep inducing hormone? So, for attaining a comfortable sleep, make the room pitch dark. Even a slight light is enough to disturb your sleep. Using a heavy curtain to block lights is one such step to adhere.

Sleep early

Do you know that on certain days whenever you sleep late, you always long to munch something or other? Yes, indeed and it is a natural reaction due to craving for something or other at the dead of the night. Now, this behavior obstructs your objective towards weight loss. So what to do? Well, sleep early. Sleeping early not just removes the possibility of cravings, but is equally good for mental health.

Don’t use cell phone before going to bed

Sleep has an indirect impact on brain, since if you are deprived of poor sleep for few days, then you become short tempered (due to lack of rest) What’s important to mention here is that the blue rays of the electronic device disturbs the melatonin production which automatically lessens the sleep duration. Besides the possibility of cravings, you don’t get due rest for both mind and body

Have foods that enhance the metabolic rate

High metabolic rate implies how the body burns fat in the stomach. So, what are the recommended foods which come under the category? Well, they are milk, meat, lemons, eggs, ginger and many others. Additionally, they are the ones which are also the reason for providing several nutrients to the body.

Final Thoughts

Aforesaid are good sleeping position for weight loss. Although, the journey to lose weight is quite challenging and needs lots of will power, dedication and consistency, yet when you follow them in detail then they give you a spark of hope, that “Yes, I can achieve that”. Likewise, the aforesaid post in detail shares valuable tips for owning a healthy body away from obesity, since you deserve a life to live to the fullest.


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