Good Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain : There are various causes of upper back pain such as poor body posture, muscle strains, obesity and of course improper sleeping position. Most of us have experienced upper back pain at some point in life. It primarily results due to insensitivity arising out of wrong sleeping posture. However, your little sensitization can actually help you to choose a good sleeping position for upper back pain.

There are cases where inspite of being fit and fine throughout the day, yet when we get up in morning, and feel upper back pain along with neck pain or headache. Such a body pain comes as a jolt since you have a busy day ahead and this out of the blue discomfort can seriously hamper your professionalism.

Good Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain
Good Sleeping Position for Upper Back Pain

However, don’t be angry, take things in its stride as everything becomes fine, once you are done reading the below post.

Exercises that ease your upper body pain

When there is certain stiffness you can do exercises to shoo the pain away. Yes, doing exercises which stretch your back, shoulders and neck can help you get the same state which you were in before. Since, it gets rid of muscles tightness and relieves yourself from pain. So, when you habituate yourself to doing exercises, you get relief from back pain without the possibility of its occurrence in future too. Some of the exercises are as follows:-

  • Wall stretch
  • Child Post
  • Overhead arm reach etc


Don’t sleep on stomach

For those who have wondered how sleeping on stomach bring pain on upper back, should know that it directly disturbs the alignment. What’s important is that the spine has to be in its natural alignment and any twisted body parts pressuring the alignment may pose risk.

Sleep on your back

You should emphasize the need to take extra precaution of maintaining the natural alignment of the spine, while you sleep on your back where you should support your head with a pillow. This removes the pressure from the spine as it is aligned straight, thus reducing any possibility of discomfort. Head should be reasonably elevated and not too high or low.

Sleeping on your side

While looking for a good sleeping position for upper back pain, you can sleep on side as well by keeping your legs straight. Make sure that your head and upper body portion gets desired support through the pillow so that the spine is aligned as per its natural manner. Additionally, in between your knees, place a pillow or two so that the upper leg doesn’t fall forward or else it will create pressure on the spine.

Follow a proper sleeping schedule

When you stick with a certain schedule of sleeping and waking up, then your body in itself adjusts to the same. Hence, it becomes easy to go to bed while getting proper sleep sooner, with respect to having a mis-match of time. Or else, you have to wait anxiously where you hope to get sleep. Especially, try to maintain the same schedule both on weekdays and weekends.

If you have ever encountered people experiencing upper back pain, you would realize that the quality of life gets affected greatly. They are less productive as they are in constant danger of re-experiencing the pain. Now don’t let your professional and personal life suffer just because you take longer to complete actions due to upper back pain. This is not actually the pain you have to live your whole life with. Be mindful of your sleeping positions. If however, you have few other deeper issues then therapy can provide positive results. Similarly, yoga helps so that you can start having a good night sleep without experiencing pain at all.

Besides the sleeping position, following things greatly need adherence as well:-

Get a new mattress

If you feel that your mattress has lived its life and has become out of shape, then don’t think twice. Yes, get a new mattress; in order to get required back support right on the pressure areas and investing in a new one will actually give faster results. Since they are quite expensive, many manufacturers help the buyers to test themselves for a certain period. So, go for those where you actually get the chance to test first in order to be at a safer side as your money can be invested in the most appropriate one.

Be careful which getting up and lying down on bed

Even a slight jerk can aggravate the pain further, so be cautious


Before going to bed, do gentle stretching for relaxing the body


If you are overweight, you are at a higher risk of getting back pain, since it puts additional pressure and strain on the spine

Never lift heavy objects beyond your capability

Your body undergoes certain jerks when you adopt an improper way to lift a heavy object as it put strain on your spine which poses certain danger of misalignment

Maintain a healthy posture

Few people carelessly walk with drooping shoulders giving little or no regard to their pressure they are generating to their spine. It may lead to pain in the spine as repetitive actions of slouching can weaken the muscles.


Still unresolved?

Mostly, in a maximum of 1-2 weeks, your pain goes away by following the specific sleeping position mentioned as well as tips. If unfortunately it remains persistent, seek medical help. Get in touch with a physiotherapist who can better assist you out.

Accidents are the most unfortunate part and it can happen with anyone. Yes, falling from a certain height to getting hit by a vehicle or sports related injuries can injure spinal bones, ligaments, disks, muscles. So, get the desired medical assistance immediately as the injuries may manifest in a bigger form later.


Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading the aforesaid good sleeping position for upper back pain, you are in a fairly confident approach. Now you know the immense importance of maintaining a natural alignment of the spine as it helps your body to be stress free. Create a positive approach by following a healthy lifestyle not just while sleeping, but round the clock.


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