Good Sleeping Position for Spine

Good Sleeping Position for Spine : ‘Sleep’ is the phase when we are unconscious. We don’t have control over ourselves. So, if you sleep irresponsibly you may end up feeling pain in the spine or neck or for that matter any part of the body. Your responsibility towards your back is even more, as spine is referred as the backbone of the body which gives the required posture, due to its natural formation. Even a little existing pain in spine may aggravate further not only disturbing your sleep, but you compromise on your health. So, in order to think wisely, you have to showcase your responsible side where a good sleeping position for your spine can ease yourself from the pain, chaos or turmoil. Thus your mornings can be ‘happier’ and ‘refreshing’ to take on the challenges of the world with great vigor. Importantly, you can create a relaxing back without giving undue pressure on the spine.

Good Sleeping Position for Spine

Good Sleeping Position for Spine
Good Sleeping Position for Spine

Increasing people facing back pain

If living a life without pain makes us complacent, then think twice. Lower back pain literally turns life upside down. Not only do we struggle to complete basic actions of the day that require body movement such as getting up, sitting down or picking things up. So, someone who has back pain, should know and realize that the staggering figure in millions of people suffering, highlights the seriousness of the problem.

Good Sleeping Position for Spine

Although, many attributes such as genetics and previous injuries matter, yet there are few things which are under your control such as knowing about a good sleeping position for the spine. Let’s now take a look at good sleeping position for spine:-

Sleeping on the back

Considering a good sleeping position for the spine, always remember that it can only be the one which maintains a natural curve of the spine. An ideal position can be sleeping on your back. So, while lying down, slightly raise the knees and place the pillows under it. Use a proper pillow for your head too, where your little sensitization in these two actions actually help you to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

Sleeping on the side

Again, as long as you can align the spine naturally, you can count yourself as a responsible sleeper. So, while sleeping on the side, use a flat and firm pillow between your knees to end the undue pressure on your spine. Yes, your upper leg would otherwise pressurize the spine which may invite pain. Hence, now your lower spine is stress free and you are happy to sleep peacefully and ofcourse in a healthy manner. Thanks to the pillow the spine aligns with hips naturally.


Fetal position

When you know that you have a herniated disk which causes back pain then using a curled position while sleeping helps. If needed, you can place a pillow between the knees as well. It is you who can decide whether you need pillows or not for maximizing the support. Hence, the aforesaid position helps, while you struggle to get sound sleep. The position of pillows actually ensures that your spine is straight while maintaining the position of neck, knees and hips in a straight mode as well.

Sleeping on your stomach

There is a constant concern that sleeping on the stomach exerts pressure on spine, abdomen and pelvis area, so position your pillow in such a way that it comes under them. This position relieves pressure off your back on the disk space thus ending the possibility of pain. This mechanism works wonders for those suffering from degenerative disc disease.

Although sleeping on the back is healthy for the proper care of the spine, yet there are few exceptions for people with situations such as below:-

Not suitable during pregnancy

An expecting mother sleeping on the back may unintentionally invite a series of health problems right from developing back pain to even low blood pressure. Even a concerning aspect is that the blood doesn’t circulate as much to the heart along with developing baby, since the circulation isn’t to its optimum.

Not suited for people who snore

It is recommended for people not to sleep on their back if they snore. They should sleep on the sides while keeping the legs in a straight position

Not recommended for people with sleep apnea

People with sleep apnea should avoid sleeping on their back, since at this position the tongue blocks the breathing tube. Hence, sleep on sides while keeping straight legs.

Carefully choose a mattress

Remember, sleeping for 8 hours continuously in a mattress, has to meet the needs of the body, that is neither too soft nor too hard. It should ideally promote better sleep by reducing the body related pain and aches. If the mattress is either too firm or soft it can invite pain and troubles. For example:-

If the mattress is ‘too’ firm:-

Your neck and back may have to heavily pay the price (due to lack of support) as it put pressure on the shoulder joints, thus creating body pain in such areas

If the mattress is ‘too’ soft:-

Your pelvis area can sink due to body weight, thus disturbing alignment with respect to upper body.

Hence, a mattress which is medium-firm can do the trick

How about Pillow

You don’t want your head to elevate so much that your neck feels bent. The problem can be addressed when you look for the pillow that is neither too soft nor high. Instead the pillow should have medium firmness that aligns your head with the rest of the body.

Pillow needs to be firm to such an extent that it easily supports the body’s weight along with giving due comfort.

Final Thoughts

Now, no more restless nights which give you nightmares as you are filled with anxiety and wait for mornings. Give your back the required support and move in the world with your head held high. The back pain can be checked to a great extent with restorative sleep. The aforesaid good sleeping position for spine ensures that you undergo a healthy phase during sleep so that your spine is freely aligned in its natural posture without any sort of pressure. The relaxed state of the spine perfectly translates into a deep and comfortable sleep one gets as well.

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