Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain : Have you ever been surrounded with the pain emanating from a stiff neck at least once in your life?

Chances are that you would have. Since, this is the story with almost everyone. So, once you experience pain in the neck, you are like,

“Oh Sorry! I shouldn’t have slept that way”,


“I will be more careful in future”.

Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain
Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain

Therefore, the post highlights good sleeping positions for neck pain in order to make nights pleasant, comfortable and of course easy for a longer period of time.

Sleeping positions for neck pain

The way you sleep affect different parts of the body. Any awkward pattern may result in severe discomfort where a stiff neck is one of them. Therefore, sleeping on your back or sides is considered to be the most ideal and comfortably viable option or position. This is way safer as compared to sleeping on your belly since it exerts too much pressure on your spine.


Sleeping on back

There is no better way to safeguard the natural curves of your spine than sleeping on the back position. Use a small pillow for the head so that the spine is in line with its natural contour. In case you have issues with snoring, then you can sleep on your sides.


Sleeping on your side

While sleeping on the sides, you need a slightly high pillow to keep your neck neutral. If the upper ear is pressing against your shoulders then lower the height. Yes, that’s important. You will automatically realize that your spine has got the natural contour as your head is in a neutral position.


If possible don’t sleep on your stomach

The person suffering from neck pain is advised not to sleep with a face down position. Your head and neck are specifically pressed at a certain position for hours, thus generating the possibility of a stiff neck while putting extra pressure on your spine as well.

Following are the procedural norms to adopt while sleeping with neck pain.

  • It is strongly recommended to use a thin pillow while sleeping on your back
  • Get a cervical pillow as it keeps your neck and head in a neutral position
  • Mattress should be supportive (not too soft) so as not to let your back sink in it.


Precautionary steps to adopt while sleeping on side:-

Pillows with extreme height are a big no. Ensure that your neck is in a neutral position (doesn’t bend) which will only be possible if pillow height is appropriate that is neither too high nor too low

In case you need extra comfort and care, try using a pillow between your knees as it is a perfect way to make the lower spine in line. This offers an added layer of comfort and also makes it easy for you to gain the required level of support needed for sleep.


Good Sleeping Positions for Neck Pain: Choose the right mattress

  • While right positioning is important for comfortable sleep and healthy neck, it is equally the mattress which has an important role to play too. Never compromise with the natural structure of the spine while choosing the mattress. It should be designed in a way so as not to create pressure points for the spine. There is no substitute than getting a full support to the entire spinal cord without sagging.
  • The mattress should be large enough to create a movable position for the body during sleep.
  • The mattress should have a required degree of firmness. If it is too hard, then obviously, it will be hard for the bulkier body parts such as hips and shoulders to get comfort making them unsuitable for the individual.


Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain: Choose the right pillow

  • Your body should maintain its natural contour with respect to the position you are adopting.  If at any point in time you adopt an awkward phase, due to the pillow being too high or low etc, then be assured that you are giving the risk for your neck to get soar.
  • There are occasions where you doze off after watching television. So, use a horseshoe shaped pillow as it prevents your head from falling on one side, thus you are saved from stiff neck.


Good Sleeping Position for Neck Pain: Get complete rest

Besides sleeping positions, it is also the complete rest which matters for your body. It is like watering the plant deprived of water for a few days, so within minutes, the plant regains its natural color as the dropping leaves become erect. Similarly, required sleep is the most important ingredient which gives your body the right life to be up and working with energy.

Sleeping in the recommended position will eventually strengthen muscles and heal the body for a new and confident approach towards life.


Pillows don’t work anymore? Replace the same

Right selection of pillows are important as they act as one of the most important constituents for neck support. However, with time, they can compress and become shapeless. So don’t wait and replace them after a couple of years. In some cases, you may need to switch to a new one even earlier. Since, every commodity has a life of its own, so don’t take any chance  as it is a matter of your delicate neck.


Never make a jerky move to get up

Many unknowingly make the mistake of getting too fast. Never get up with a jerk, take your time and then leave the bed whether it is the matter of relieving yourself in the middle of the night or getting up next morning in haste etc. It may put strain on any part of the body such as your neck, knees, ankle etc.


Final Thoughts

Finally, the aforesaid post has highlighted in detail about the good sleeping position for neck pain. You know that a comfortable sleep requires you to take care about different aspects such as how you sleep, what moves you make during the course of sleep. So, safely make your moves and be healthy once and forever.

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