Good Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position For Lower Back Pain : Nothing is healthier than giving proper rest to your body in the form of comfortable sleep. Yes, exactly. Although, many report issues due to insomnia or lower back pain as they can’t get the required sleep and experience a challenging phase to cope up with the professional necessities of the next day. However, good news is that those who have lower back pain can mostly know the good sleeping position as it is enough to overcome the same. Backbone is an important constituent and any issues concerning the spine (backbone) has to be immediately dealt with. Likewise, back pain has to be seriously addressed.  Since it gives your body the perfect shape and any pain if unchecked or overlooked can substantially affect your whole body.

Good Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain
Good Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

Even though you may prefer your own sleeping position, yet when it comes to taking care about your health you should be sensitized enough to follow a specific sleeping posture for a healthy beginning.

Cause of Lower Back Pain

The real issue of back pain arises when the spine isn’t in alignment, since by nature it is quite delicately made. After all, the spine is the controlling authority which gives the body and in short your back ‘shape’. It comprises a number of bones joined on top of one another and has a spinal disc (jelly like pad) in between each bone.

The sleeping position you chose has to be in alignment with the spine. If the spine isn’t in line or twists or turns, then it may cause a sense of discomfort followed by pain. Sleeping on a surface which is too soft or too hard can put extra pressure on your spinal column.

If it is too soft

Fails to create natural alignment and support to the body and result in giving extra pain

If it is too hard

Can be painful for your pressure areas such as your hips, shoulders and back as it doesn’t get required comfort

As you know that even a slight pain is enough to steal your much valuable sleep. Hence, you need to know a good sleeping position for lower back pain for a stress free time and a healthy life.

What is a good sleeping position for lower back pain?

Let’s find out in detail:-

On your back

Doctors’ favorite position for those complaining of lower back pain is ‘Sleeping on the back’. Since, it doesn’t create any pressure areas by distributing the body weight in an even manner across the spinal column, hence minimizing strain. For the same reason, if you have ‘hip pain’ you can follow the same posture which actually makes your hip light, by distributing the weight and removing pressure on your hips.

On your side

People also look for alternate options to change their position during sleep in view of finding comfort through sleeping for 7-8 hours. People do prefer side sleeping more as it helps to give a relaxing time to their body while reducing the pressure on the lower back.

Stability is the utmost need of the body, so you can achieve the same while placing a pillow between the knees of the person. In the absence of using pillows the top leg falls forward which inturn puts pressure on your spine. Now imagine your spine constantly getting under pressure for eight hours which will surely result in back pain, even though you least expected or wanted.

It is important to use a pillow for supporting your head in this position. Since again it needs stability as the spine has to be naturally aligned. Otherwise, in the absence of a pillow your head and neck will be at a lower position than your body, extending it further which will in turn pressurize your spine henceforth. If you are the one who habitually snore or experience sleep apnea, then this position is recommended, as it helps you breathe properly, since the airways are open.

Additional tips to make yourself comfortable with lower back pain

Don’t sleep on your tummy

Your spine doesn’t like you to sleep on your tummy, as it gets under pressure which starts to pain over a course mainly because it creates an unnatural curve in your back. It is such a big danger for the spine after all.  Besides back pain, it also reports neck pain in the long run.

Avoid Back Pain by walking

Besides knowing a good sleeping position for lower back pain, you should also realize that your constant sitting posture also results in causing pain. Due to professional necessities, we sit for hours on the computer. However it is important to go for a short walk after every 30-40 minutes to continue the flow of blood. Additionally, it is important to indulge in physical activities. Pilates and swimming improve heart rate and flexibility of the body.

When to consult a doctor

The back pain should subside within one week. In case if it extends beyond four weeks and prevents you from sleeping properly then consult an orthopedic surgeon. They have loads of experience to minutely check the alignment of spine along with joints to ascertain the root cause. If needed they even ask to get X Ray done. You should be positive and motivated and learn the art of healthy living. Yes, you actually deserve a life of happiness with quality sleep. Your doctor can be a source of positive turning in your life, so do take consultation for healthy future.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have read the above post regarding good sleeping position for lower back pain. You have now armed yourself with extensive information and knowledge regarding the healthy positions which can literally shoo away the back pain. Now, counter the challenges of the world with your shoulders held high. No more drooping or feeling low due to back pain as it not just lessens the charm of your personality, but it also endangers your spine. Live life with dignity and a healthy beginning is your next best turn after reading the aforesaid post.

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