Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth

Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth : Are you looking for an effective mechanism to grow height? If yes, then a good sleeping position can help you improve your height. This effort is easier to follow as you know ‘Sleep’ accounts for 25% height growth amongst humans. It is for this reason that ‘just’ grown up adults (during their childhood days) used to be under lots of pressure from parents and grandparents to sleep early at night. Yes, elders in the family specially dedicate frequent lectures to their tiny tots to additionally take a small nap (if possible) during the afternoon too. Yes, that has been the case for children till their late teenage days. It is for a reason that elders emphasize kids to sleep more.

Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth

Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth
Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth

There is Growth Hormone (GH) which goes into action mode to convert food into energy while consolidating different organs and ensuring growth of organs such as bones, muscles and nerves.

In the growing years for children right from birth till late teenage days and even more, the proper sleep helps the body to produce the hormone naturally. It is like bigger production, better it is, as it thickens and lengthens the bones. Hence, two things are important:-

Good Sleeping Position for Height Growth

The sleeping posture is unavoidably the most important aspect which besides creating a sound sleep also promotes the growth of bones besides adding on their thickness as well. So, start sensitizing yourself about the importance of specific postures which can help the body to grow.

Sleeping on the back is the most ideal one

Elders and parents specifically suggesting children to sleep on their back as people with growing age should carefully follow it without any delay. Yes, it lifts the pressure from bones, thus giving them an open hand to grow themselves freely. However, if your bend your knees or elbows, then the bones are restricted which may hamper their growth.

If somehow you want to increase the comfort level, then place a small pillow below the neck. It is important to place a couple of pillows under your knees while laying straight. In this way, you can feel satisfied that it helps to maintain a balanced body while at the same time lengthening the back muscles.

Don’t bend the back

When there is little or no sensitization, then people either end up taking medications or complain about lack of health. Now, many make the mistake of bending their back all the way to their chest while sleeping on their sides. This is extremely not recommended for it being harmful. Since, this position puts pressure on the bones on so many levels.

Sleep on the back

Good sleeping position for height growth is the one where you lie on your back while keeping the body straight as well. For comfort, you can stretch your arms and legs, but bending the joints is somewhat nor recommended.

Why is it specifically emphasized not to bend the joints?

Well, when the body is sleeping in a stretched position, then the cartilages between spines find space and proper mechanism to grow and expand favorably, thus increasing your body’s height.

Sleep at its proper time

It is true that the responsibility lies with parents to help their children undergo a fixed ‘sleep and wake’ schedule for their growth. This aspect will indirectly give them a sense of responsibility to do other actions on time as well, such as having breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. The timely care and introspection can help children gain required height. This also eliminates the low self esteem of the children who often consider themselves to be ‘low in height’ while comparing with friends either in school or neighborhood.

Natural secretion of growth hormones during sleep

The growth hormone is secreted to its optimum especially at the time when they are sleeping. Hence, it is important that they get proper sleep. Otherwise, lack of sleep may curtail their height So, besides a good sleeping position for height growth, the proper time is necessarily to be looked into as well.

Newborns are fragile and so are their bones. Now, during the process of growth, most of the bones unite and become solid and thick. So, as compared to young children, elders have less bones. When the cartilage ceases to make new tissues this is the time when the individual stops to grow. Hence, this is the phase, when the person has completed the requirement of reaching the final height. Try to naturally increase your height and what else can be said about adopting a good sleeping position for height growth. So, get the best for yourself, since you deserve the best too.


Word of Advice

Many people in their teens due to their raw age want instant results and they easily fall in trap to the tall claims of suspicious companies who even show a fake pictorial representation of people gaining height. You should know that there are no shortcuts. Nothing can beat the relevance of a naturally adopted method of height growth, as it has no side effects. So, besides losing money, you also end up risking your life too.

Final Thoughts

There is a combination of various aspects which work towards increasing the height of the individual. Such as a proper nutritious diet along with exercise, timely sleep and ofcourse good sleeping position as well. Usually, many people either don’t give due importance to sleeping position as they may not be sensitized enough, however, through the aforesaid post it is clear that certain sleeping position actually matters for the overall growth of the body. You know that the importance of choosing specific position to grow height naturally. So, while you adopt a healthy posture, it helps you to get proper sleep and that’s how the growth hormone plays its part in giving your body much needed growth. Now, your loved ones can feel more motivated to rise up and fulfill their dreams of excelling in their respective fields. Honestly, their health and proper growth can simply boost their morale.

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