Good Sleeping Position for Heartburn

Good Sleeping Position for Heartburn : Are you in a misconception that you can’t get a restful sleep due to heartburn? Well, you can, provided you follow specific sleeping criteria. The following post has further details about it.

Although, according to many, it is a challenge to control the heartburn but like always ‘challenges’ can be conquered by willpower, dedication and knowledge. It is true that experience counts, so those who had acid reflux before, realizes how challenging it is to sleep at night. Since the food may well likely to come back to esophagus (food pipe), due to lack of gravitational pull. (unlike during sitting or standing posture).  However, you can ease your situation after knowing good sleeping position for heartburn. Since, doctors with their past experiences have categorically mentioned sleeping positions which are favorable for heartburn.

Good Sleeping Position for Heartburn

Good Sleeping Position for Heartburn
Good Sleeping Position for Heartburn

Before, moving further it is important to know the cause of heartburn first

Cause of Heartburn

It can be explained in a simpler term. Like when the food is chewed it goes from mouth to the tube namely esophagus to the stomach. There is a ‘valve’ namely esophageal sphincter at the bottom of food pipe which opens to let the food inside, and closes after that. However, for the ones facing the issue of heartburn, the valve doesn’t close properly and the acidic content is likely to return back to esophagus. Since, people sleep in a horizontal position, and unlike ‘sitting’ or ‘standing’ posture, lack of gravity in a sleeping posture fails to keep everything inside the stomach. So, this enhances the chance of heartburn.

It isn’t just heartburn, but as the content returns back to esophagus from stomach, then it may also result in the following:-

  • Regurgitation
  • Coughing
  • Choking

Top of Form

What is good sleeping position for heartburn?

Sleeping in an incline position                                     

Although, it is a challenge to sleep properly if you have heartburn, since a wrong posture can return the food back to esophagus. However, if you sleep in an incline position then thanks to gravity the food remain at its specific position and doesn’t move back. Yes, the head should be elevated with respect to your body. If your upper part of the body isn’t elevated and the body is simply lying flat, then the acid may pool in one place, thereby endangering the food to move back the esophagus, due to lack of gravity.

Sleeping in an incline position minimizes the frequency of reflux while at the same time clear reflux at a quicker rate. Now you don’t have to face sleepless nights due to heartburn much to the discomfort of not just you but your partner as well.

Sleep on your left side

Have you ever realized doctors recommending you to sleep on your left side in the event of having heartburn? Yes, indeed as it allows the digestion process to function naturally, as the position of heart is on the left side, which can help to digest more food efficiently. Hence, it becomes hard to turn back things into esophagus. Sleep with your head elevated. Now, you drastically reduce the instance of heartburn especially at the time when you needed the most that is after a long and tiring day at work where you can’t think of anything else but sleep. Unlike the perception it is easier to get proper sleep in case of those having heartburn issue, provided that you timely address the same.

Don’t sleep on right side. Here’s why

At the right side, acidic content starts to linger in your esophagus for a greater time. Merely, its presence creates a sense of irritation and when it continues to, can even result in chest pain along with inflammation etc. Sleeping on right side, relaxes connecting muscles between stomach and esophagus which creates a higher chance of acid reflux.

If lack of proper sleep has been affecting your professional and personal life in the past, due to heartburn, then be positive. According to a saying, “better late than ever”. You can eventually change for better, thanks to knowing about good sleeping position for heartburn. Yes, many have been facing issues of heartburn which stops them to get comfortable sleep, but not any more though.

Maintain a food diary

The food you take has to be very dearly looked after. Yes, have a food diary and if you are allergic to certain food, then note it down. This will better keep yourself safeguarded from repeating the same for sometime, or at least you can have in less quantity.

Reduce stress

Besides the sleeping related posture, it is important to derive ways of reducing stress. Be happy with life and do exercises to change your mood for better.

Instead of having one big meal, eat smaller ones at regular intervals

If you are still experiencing issues, then go for smaller meals which you extend throughout the day. Also, avoid foods which are rich in high-calorie or high fat closer to bed.

Have greener vegetables

Try different green vegetables, as they are the ones that are known to help acid reflux symptoms.

Tip to Adhere

It is true that obesity has an influence on acid reflux. It is easy to understand, since a heavier body puts extra pressure on stomach thereby increasing the chance of acid moving into esophagus.


Final Thoughts

It is said that ‘Knowledge is power’, so after going through the aforesaid post on good sleeping position for heartburn you get a pretty amount of sensitization. It helps you to control your anxieties which you used to earlier face before sleeping, in case you had heartburn. So, you have just become more dutiful and accountable towards leading a healthy life with dignity and don’t easily let heartburn related issues overpower you. Now, you don’t have to associate heartburn as your partner. Sleep is a tonic for a healthy body, and you can attain proper sleep by closely caring for the positions mentioned above. Free yourself and the healthy change starts right now for you. You don’t have to envy your friends or colleagues who are safe and healthy as you can easily enter in their list. So, cheer up.


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