Good Sleeping Position for Heart

Good Sleeping Position for Heart : All of us sleep, while some of us have greater comfort and peaceful nights, than others. Now, when you badly require good night life, but couldn’t get, then it may lead to several conditions that can invite some of the worst heart diseases. Hence, you need to sensitize yourself towards adopting certain recommended positions to get required sleep.

After all, your healthy choice of ‘sleeping position’ indirectly strengthens heart and saves it from attacks, asthma, depression etc, as you undergo complete healing process (while sleeping). As you have a healthy heart, the blood pressure is normal and so is your mood too. Your heart is priceless. Take necessary precautions to safeguard it as it is often referred to as the life-line of the body.

Good Sleeping Position for Heart

Good Sleeping Position for Heart
Good Sleeping Position for Heart

After all, life is valuable and your timely decision can make wonders. By the end of the post you will know few smart and healthy sleeping positions beneficial for the heart. Let’s now know them in detail:-


Sleeping on the sides

Side sleeping is a recommended position for the heart and also for those who are suffering with sleep apnea. So which side to sleep on? Well, if you don’t have an implanted defibrillator, then the left side is the best one, similar to the way pregnant women are subjected to.  Or else, the best side is to choose the opposite side where they are implanted. As per the usual practice since they are usually implanted on the left side, so switch to the right side for gaining the required comfort.


How to sleep in case of heart issues

If you don’t face sleep apnea, then you can also sleep on your back.  However, beware that sleeping on your back may worsen your snoring and sleep apnea. Although there is controversy involved in choosing the appropriate side for a healthy heart, yet the thing which can be said with surety is that one must get enough sleep. It is important for your heart and to save yourself from developing heart related ailments.


Elevate bed’s head

There is a certain benefit when the head is inclined to an extent as it lessens the volume of lung congestion among other aspects.

Following are the reasons why sleeping sideways gives you the best reason to have a healthy heart:-

  •         As you sleep on the left side, it is easier for the heart to pump blood
  •         The process of blood circulation is smooth while you lie on your side

The advice for choosing the specific sleeping position is different for those who have been diagnosed with heart diseases. In that case, one should avoid the left side for sleep. So, people who have reported heart failures in the past are primarily requested to use their right side for sleeping. It also results in minimizing the issues of breathing which one has been facing uptill now.

One should realize that the body, while lying in a horizontal position, works against gravity to inhale or to breathe. This aspect is in contrast to when you are either sitting or standing, since the airways are downwards which creates an unrestricted flow of air.


Good Sleeping Position for Heart

So, in order to ensure a healthy heart, your unrestricted breathing mechanism offers the best practice which you should adopt. It is for this reason, that while lying on your back, if you are facing sleep apnea, then under the specialist guidance, you can elevate your head with pillows. This aspect will create an easier approach towards breathing while reducing the heart related pressure.


How to check snoring for a healthy heart

Snoring is the result of limited air which passes through the nose or throat. Due to obstruction, when the air is passing, soft issues of mouth throat and nose after bumping into each other, make a rattling sound. So sleep in a position when there is no blockage or restriction.

If however, you continue to compromise on your health, then its long term effect is not good for heart and health in general.

Beside the sleeping position you should also lose weight and stop having alcohol. Since, it isn’t just you who experience issues, your partner in bed equally faces your unhindered sound at dead of the night. So, make an intelligent move as you rightly deserve.


Don’t go for sleeping on your stomach

It is true that you dearly need smooth air flow. While you face your bed and pillow, your nose and mouth is literally blocked. It adds to your difficulty of breathing properly. Avoid sleeping on your stomach as it may result in generating pain in the neck and in various cases people report issues with their digestion.


Get complete rest

Now, you are aware about the appropriate sleeping position, the post will be incomplete without letting you know about the importance of proper sleep. Get complete rest as it determines that you are equally concerned about taking extra care of your heart and health, irrespective of the position you sleep in.

When you get proper sleep, it is like a balm for your heart as it lowers blood pressure and gives the body the chance to repair itself. Now, after a hectic day at work, nothing matters more than finding your cozy bed and literally staying in the same for 8-9 hours for comfortable sleep. Now that you are primarily aware of a few of the sleeping positions, it will empower you to have a healthy heart from now on as well.


Final Thoughts

It’s never too late, provided you empower yourself with the positions to adopt in sleeping. Get a good night’s sleep so you can have a healthy heart, besides of course enjoying a confident and energetic life with sharp memory. When you are at peace within, you can work with greater compassion while learning new skills in the process. Overall, you have a healthy immune system to carry out different professional and personal activities with greater zeal and enthusiasm. In case, you develop complications or pain, then don’t delay in consulting the doctor.

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