Good Sleeping Position for Headache

Good Sleeping Position for HeadacheHow uneasy does it feel when you have a headache but a long and tiring day at work to begin with? Well, just a thought about how the day will pass, make anybody shudder. Yes, that’s exactly how a headache can turn your day really depressing, challenging and fearful. You become nervous since you have dual responsibility one is to fight yourself internally and secondly of-course on professional front, that is fulfilling deadlines and expectations of clients. Additionally, the number of hours you sit in front of the computer and address brain triggering assignments can all aggravate your headache further. Isn’t it? Amongst the many reasons of headache like taking too much of tension or going into depression, even your sleeping position is responsible.

Good Sleeping Position for Headache

Good Sleeping Position for Headache
Good Sleeping Position for Headache

Yes, so the following post will sensitize you about the in-depth good sleeping position for headache so that your day can be cheerful, productive and of-course soothing:-

Good Sleeping Position for Headache

Do you know that neck pain may result in headache? Yes, indeed. Medically there is a term called ‘Cervicogenic headache’ and it usually starts with a stiff neck and hence, the name is derived from cervical spine. So when the spine is not aligned well, then it hurts the neck followed by giving you a headache. Such a headache, due to its origin, affects the neck primarily and it literally stops you from moving your neck and likewise your headache gets aggravated further. So, your prime area of concern is to know good sleeping position for headache and neck, so that you feel ‘light’ from within to start the day productively:-

Sleeping on the back

Considering the proximity and connection which the spine has with headache, it is true to firstly take care of the root cause. So, if you are the one who sleeps on your back, then it is indeed quite a happy news. This posture minimizes the pressure on the spine and keeps intact the alignment. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the body. But here your choice and knowledge of keeping the pillows in position matters. So that, your neck and head is properly elevated and supported. Don’t forget to place pillows under your knees so that your spine experiences its natural curve.

Don’t go for: Sleeping on your Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach is probably the worst position you can think of. Since, the posture can be termed as an irresponsible one, due to lack of support provided to the neck. Also, you have to twist your head while sleeping in the position.

More so, when you have to be fully careful to follow an ideal sleeping position of getting proper sleep where you don’t have to face issues of neck pain, headaches etc, thereby this posture is a big No. Hence, not only the quality of sleep will suffer but you also end up with a heavy head or twisted neck.

Side sleeping

You can also go for side sleeping, provided that you align the spine in its natural way. This can be done by using pillows that elevate the neck and head in order to ensure its alignment properly, while you happen to get a comfortable rest and sleep at night. Similarly, place a pillow between your knees (if needed place more than one) in order to align the spine, hips and pelvis. Additionally, switch to the other side as this removes the muscle imbalance.

Always be dutiful and accountable to the posture you follow, since a bad posture will turn your morning into a nightmare literally.

Besides the sleeping position, you equally have to be mindful of the following scenarios:-

  • It is said that don’t bring the ‘office stress’ back to your house. So, sleep with a calm mind as this ensure a comfortable sleep
  • Follow the practice of a fixed ‘sleep-wake’ schedule as you are more likely to get the required amount of sleep and rest.

Tips to Adhere

  • Invest in proper pillow and mattress that helps your neck to be in a position during sleep so that your spine is aligned as well
  • Never go for a pillow or mattress that is so soft that you find your pressure areas such as shoulders, buttocks literally sink in. Similarly, they shouldn’t be too hard either. So, have something which is medically designed to keep the quotient of ‘care’ intact.
  • Possibly change your pillows within a couple of years, as they tend to become shapeless thus losing their basic value of ‘comfort’.
  • If you are still experiencing issues, consult the doctor immediately


Don’t use electronics at-least an hour before going to bed

Of various drawbacks, one of the biggest hurdles which have literally made the humans their slaves is the use excessive use of electronics just before going to bed. Do you actually know the severity of the blue light from smartphones, tablets and television can internally cause the brain to remain awake for a long time, thus making it challenging for your mind to sleep (even though you badly want to). Yes, it disturbs the ‘sleep –wake’ cycle and you end up feeling frustrated and take longer than expected to sleep. So, when you are sleep-deprived, then you naturally have headache as your body still needs few more hours of sleep, but your personal and professional commitments don’t allow


Final Thoughts

How ‘low’ a person feels on having a headache? Well, who can better explain than the sufferer? Hence, considering the severity of headache or twisted neck which can adversely affect your life, it is important to be mindful and dutiful right from before. Yes, what matters for you is to know about how an improper sleeping posture can ruin your personal and professional life for a day or even more. Hence, after reading the aforesaid good sleeping position for headache, you are fairly sensitized to follow a proper sleeping posture for a healthy body and a healthy tomorrow. So, change your life for the better by creating a healthy beginning.


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