Good Sleeping Position for Digestion

Good Sleeping Position for Digestion : The one who enjoys proper sleep is mostly devoid of heart related problems. Since, the body in the process gets required rest to heal itself. The recommended duration of sleep is roughly 8 hours for adults. Before moving further, it is important to ask yourself the following:-

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night to the pain emanating from a rumbling stomach? If yes, then primarily it is the result of indigestion. Empower yourself with the basic knowledge of taking dinner at least two hours before you go to sleep.  So that your digestive system gets required time to do its work in absorbing nutrients and removing waste.

Good Sleeping Position for Digestion

Good Sleeping Position for Digestion
Good Sleeping Position for Digestion

It is true that one becomes uneasy, irritating and angry while facing digestive problems as it invites loads of issues where indigestion is the biggest culprit of all. However, there are good sleeping positions for digestion which you can try for obvious reasons:-

Sleep on your left side

Are you aware that sleeping on the left side aids in digestion? How? Well, your digestive system works best while coordinating with gravity and ensures peaceful sleep as it improves digestion, thus removing stomach related issues.

While sleeping on the left side, the waste finds its way to move to the large intestines quickly thanks to the gravity. Hence, it is able to move away freely, thus minimizing the usually associated digestive difficulties. Now, your problem of feeling bloated will minimize to a lot extent. Since the food doesn’t have to move at a slow pace, hence, the accompanied gas resulting naturally too moves, thus relieving you from bloat.

Lie down

You can easily lie down facing to your left side. You need to practice the same for continuity. It may be difficult in the start, but eventually your body and mind will say ‘YES”. It may take a few days for you though. Try to remain as long as you possibly can in the position for obvious benefits while maintaining the level of comfort in the process. But you can always switch to the right side for respite. This will assist your digestion to go on smoothly.


Good Sleeping Position for Digestion also involves the following steps:-

Place your head slightly above

No option is better than using gravity for intensifying the functions of the body. It is for this reason that while sleeping, the head is slightly above the torso, so as to make gravity do the job for you. Head should be elevated for about 4-5 inches. Yes, the saliva travels down naturally all the way to the digestive system, minimizing the possibility of heartburn or stomach acid.

Give your knees required support

Your knees require support, so a pillow can come handy to separate them. This smart move also has an indirect effect in aiding the process of digestion while minimizing the compression on the stomach, thus in a way giving space for carrying out with the digestive functions. How? As your spine doesn’t curve at the pelvis, infact aligns in a much healthier manner. This position is also recommended for expecting mothers and their fetus.

  • Does your upset stomach taking a toll on your emotions?
  • Do you often feel low or depressed?

If yes, then you aren’t alone.

But you can surely save yourself from the mess.

Sleeping towards right side

If you are the one who doesn’t experience problems with indigestion, then you can surely use the right side position for sleeping. The position is helpful for those with heart related problems.

In this position, the heart is free, meaning that the stomach’s weight and intestines can’t suppress your heart. Thereby, signifying an optimum enhanced blood circulation in its natural capacity. Those with low blood pressure have found reasons to benefit from the same, in this position,

The post will remain incomplete without mentioning few important dieting rules for a more speedy and effective process of digestion:-

  •         Eat atleast two hours before going to bed
  •         Walk for 10-15 minutes after dinner
  •         Eat healthy and light at night
  •         Don’t risk the night time comfort by taking oily and spicy dinner as it may result in heartburn which takes away your sleep

What intakes have quick digestion time?

Besides the sleeping positions, your concern should also be about taking selective eateries. For example, foods derived from plants have a faster digestion pattern.  While meat, cheese and egg take comparably longer time to digest, but they usually give you a ‘full’ feeling for a long duration. You can start exercising and drink lots of water to relieve the waste products a bit quickly though.

Check your eating habits – Not easily give-in to the temptations

Besides the sleeping position, you need to take care of your diet as well. Yes, in an age where we succumb to the affection of our peers and seniors as they try to convince us to take more delicacies in the parties or events they throw in the professional and personal arena. However, be mindful of what you eat. Ofcourse enjoy, but with your mind open. It is like you need to be true and honest to yourself. Don’t make it a practice of eating spicy and oily foods every now and then, just because it has become a ‘fashion’ in your circle.

Word of Advice

If still things are not favoring and you experience digestive issues which cause lack of sleep, then get in touch with the healthcare provider who can advise you better.


Final Thoughts

Now, after reading the above post on good sleeping positions for digestion, you empower yourself with the valuable information which is now going to be the beginning for a healthy start.  You also realize that there is a strong connection between sleep and digestion, since proper sleep with a healthy sleeping position can actually help improve your digestion. So, don’t take any chance as you don’t want to be depressed due to bowel trouble as it badly affects your emotions, thus hampering your professional and personal life.

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