Good Sleeping Position for Breathing

Good Sleeping Position for Breathing : How do you define an irresistible, exhaustive and sleepless night which brings with itself some of the worst nightmares? Well, no amount of solace or good words can minimize the harrowing experience you would have faced while trying to sleep.

The irony is that mostly, when you lie on your bed, you soon settle to the position which you find comfortable with, without caring about health. See, it is important that you need to be very careful while choosing good sleeping position for breathing especially with growing age, due to rising medical issues. Your proper sleeping posture can make the difference between a healthy sleep with respect to sleepless nights.

Good Sleeping Position for Breathing

Good Sleeping Position for Breathing
Good Sleeping Position for Breathing

Increasing people complaining about shortness of breath

In the current scenario after COVID 19, there are many cases where people are experiencing shortness of breath. Difficulty in breathing is mainly caused due to lung diseases but of late, people are still apprehensive even after successfully recovering from COVID which also cause lung infection. Such a phase is usually the result where the body experiences an uneven level of oxygen and it aggravates further due to wrong body posture while sleeping, sitting etc. Hence, a good sleeping position for breathing is of paramount importance. In the post you will know certain sleeping positions that help in giving the desired level of oxygen in the body.

What is shortness of breath?

Shortness of breath refers to the situation where the level of oxygen in the body goes down and the individual gasps for air. People with smoking habits usually have such a system of breathlessness and even those who often take tension come under the same category. However, good postures and sleeping positions improve the health and give quality sleep as well by reducing the severity of breathlessness.

Let’s now take a look at good sleeping position for breathing before you retire to sleep:-

Choose the position

Good sleeping position for breathing can help you breathe in an easy manner. Before moving further, let me tell you

The condition of the body automatically becomes different when a person changes position from sitting, standing to lying down. As once you lie down, then the gravity functions against the airways and there is restricted air flow.

Choosing left side for sleeping

The person choosing the left side for sleeping is able to freely breathe. The position is advisable for those who face issues in breathing and hence they can get respite. Your lungs help you to breathe properly, now taking a cue from there; as you lay on your side, stretch your body, it helps your lungs to function at its maximum.

Sleeping on the right side

The ones who sleep on the right side can do so based on their comfort level. There is a restriction of airway in this position; hence the person has difficulty breathing. However, still many find ease in it.

Sleep on your back

One has difficulty breathing while sleeping on back and the main culprit is gravity. This is where the tongue may easily fall back and block the airway. Due to little oxygen, the natural reaction would shock anyone as the person will wake up in a shock gasping for air.

What can you actually do?

While sleeping on a medium firm mattress, as you place a pillow under your knees, it will give due support to your spine. Similarly, place a firm pillow under your head so that it slightly elevates from the body and help in maintaining the natural alignment of the spine and make your breathing movement easy

Sleeping on stomach

Those who have difficulty breathing have an easier way in the form of sleeping on stomach. The gravitational pull lowers down the tongue naturally thus creating a free passage for the airway. This minimizes any chance for you to snore, and you have peaceful sleep.

How to ‘stomach-sleep’?

Head should be ‘down’ at the direction of the mattress so that the airway isn’t blocked. (It shouldn’t be on the side, or else the airway will be affected) Similarly, use a pillow for giving a better ‘position’ to the head and to avoid getting shoulder pain later on. However, having said the same, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach. Although, few people experience an utter comfort in the position, it doesn’t create a smooth airflow into the lungs, during sleep though.


Other tips to ensure smooth breathing

Besides choosing good sleeping position for breathing, you equally need to adhere to the following tips for breathing smoothly:-

  • Bedding should preferably comprise of natural cotton over synthetic polyester
  • Pets shouldn’t be in the bedroom at night
  • Regularly wash bedding possibly every week to remove dust mites etc


Shut the lights

Have you ever woken up in the middle of night due to street light from seeping in? If yes, then you should realize such attributes can simply put your health in danger as quality sleep is often linked to a sound health. You can substitute the curtains with a heavy one, so as to block the outside light completely. Similarly, the rays of mobile or computer can equally disturb your sleep. Avoid watching mobile or playing games close to bed. Your bedroom should specifically be meant for sleep only. Since, ‘light’ signals the brain to wake up from sleep. So, make due preparations accordingly.

Word of Advice

Mostly after reading the post and following the sleeping position suggested above will help to give you the desired improvement. However, still if your partner complains about you snoring or you have difficulty breathing during sleep, then talk to a doctor who can professionally assist you.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the aforementioned post empowers you all with a good sleeping position for breathing. You know, a comfortable good night sleep is the biggest victory against exhaustion and creates an active and energetic life for completing the actions of the next morning. Overall, a healthy start for the day can only be achieved when you sleep properly and following the position will help you get closer to a restorative sleep.

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