Good Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation

Good Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation :

Do you give little or no regard to the position during sleep?

If yes, then there needs to be proper sensitization. Why? Since, even a proper sleeping posture can actually help towards improving blood circulation. Mostly, people overlook this important and healthy aspect as they aren’t knowledgeable enough or don’t care much. So, once you sensitize yourself, then many of you would know that awkward positions during sleep can restrict the flow of blood thus inviting a series of health related complications. Our circulatory system has a natural tendency to work to its fullest while we are upright and moving.

Now, contrary to the same, when we spend one third of the day lying down, then there is a pooling of blood in our legs. The heart in spite of working harder yet it doesn’t pump as much blood which invites the risk of numbness

Good Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation

Good Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation
Good Sleeping Position for Blood Circulation

Therefore, let’s now take a look at them:-

Knowing the good sleeping position for blood circulation, indirectly helps you to achieve a healthy phase in life with minimal efforts and time. This is by far the easiest considering the ‘least amount of effort’ you require and surprisingly you don’t have to wait for long, to start noticing healthy improvement in your body. It is for this reason that increasing numbers of people are sensitizing and motivating themselves to experience the positive outcome in themselves.

What is the ideal sleeping position for blood circulation?

Well, the ideal and recommended body posture is the one when the spine is aligned properly without pressurizing your limbs. Sleeping on your back is an ideal one, as all the limbs are freely positioned which ensures good blood circulation.

Sleeping on left side

Has it happened that you woke up with a sudden tingling or numbness in your legs or arms? If yes, then you simply change position so as to lessen the effect of poor circulation. In short, your body works to its optimum when there is unrestricted blood circulation.

When you sleep on the left side, it automatically relieves excessive pressure on blood vessels which makes the circulation easy with less resistance. Yes, when there is little or no pressure, then the circulation itself becomes easy. Keep a pillow between your knees for additional level of comfort. Since, high blood pressure if unchecked can become serious. Besides the importance of sleeping posture, you need to have a healthy diet along with regularly doing physical activities. Let your body improve circulation through the posture and get better sleep, since if you regularly have high blood pressure, then it results in sleep deprivation.

Thing to care

While sleeping on the side, your neck should use ‘firm’ pillows to a certain height where it remains firm and straight, so as to align the backbone naturally. It is important to maintain the optimum blood flow during sleeping. But what if you support your head with your arm? Well, this compresses the shoulder and arm and due to poor circulation of blood, results in numbness or even pain.

Sleeping on right side

If you choose the right side to sleep, then beware that it may minimize the blood circulation to a certain extent. Since, the blood vessels during such a posture are narrowed hence, the movement of blood is obviously slowed. Thus, when the body isn’t getting due blood circulation, then the individual should be totally careful.

Sleeping on back

Now you know that your sleeping position determines how easily the heart can circulate blood throughout the body. While sleeping on your back, you need to keep in mind that if you snore, then keeping a wedge pillow behind your head and shoulders works. How? Well, as the head is elevated, then it opens the airways, thus inviting smooth sleep and there is an improvement in the circulation of blood. Similarly, as you lie down on your back, while stretching your body, place a pillow under your feet for ease. Besides sensitizing yourself with an ideal sleeping posture, it is also important to indulge in good sleeping hygiene for your safe and sound health.

When the person is lying for hours, in order to avoid pooling of blood and removing numbness cramps, if you elevate the leg above the heart then it removes the possibility of pooling. Gravity further speeds up the flow of blood properly by returning back without straining the heart.

Importance of proper sleep in the life of an individual

Do you know that an individual spends one third of life sleeping? Yes, suppose if an individual’s life span is 72 years, then he spends 24 years sleeping. It is this feeling that makes us realize the extent of time we spend sleeping. After all, sleep is a healing mechanism for ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘soul’. Importantly, considering such a big chunk of our lives we dedicate to this important aspect, it is also true to sensitize ourselves with the sleeping position, as it has direct impact on ‘healing’ us in true sense. If you have ever faced the pain arising out of muscle cramps, numbness, lethargy etc, then it is due to poor circulation and when it happens, then you also know that it affects your sleep. Similarly, developing cold hands or feet is another attribute of the same where many of us would have related such a symptom too. Heart conditions, diabetes or obesity can result in poor circulation, yet there are good sleeping positions for blood circulation which can minimize the effects and don’t affect your sleep.

Final Thoughts

Finally, after going through the above post, you realize that you don’t need to enroll yourself in an expensive gym for improving blood circulation. Taking healthy care of your body is easy provided you make efforts by choosing a good sleeping position for blood circulation. Similarly, doing exercises, having a healthy diet can all be the most natural solution for keeping your blood pressure in check. So it is better to be safe than sorry and the above post creates a healthy beginning for you to get a comfortable sleep.


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