Good Sleeping Position for Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Back Pain :

Have you ever woken up with a stiff neck or back pain?

If yes, then you should realize that our sleeping position impacts the spine health. It may sound startling, but you can be cautious and careful in saving yourself from sudden issues. Your spine is the backbone and needs your sensitization, failure to which you may end up with unbearable body pain. After all, it is said that “Better Late than never”. So start taking due precautions from now on.

Good Sleeping Position for Back Pain

Good Sleeping Position for Back Pain
Good Sleeping Position for Back Pain

Let’s now take a look at the good sleeping positions for back pain:-

On your back

It is by far the safest and highly recommended position since spine remains straight as the position evenly distributes the weight of the body. Don’t use a big pillow or else it will raise the head, disturbing the alignment. The pillow should be small to keep the head and neck in alignment along with the body. Still exceptions are there where few may experience snoring.

Sleeping on side with ‘stretched’ legs

Do you know that you have just found a great alternative to sleeping in the back position?

Now, no more snoring (if you were experiencing firstly in the back position) In order to create alignment with spine, hips and pelvis, simply place a thin pillow between legs. It is true that the position as well as the mass of the pillow matters in aligning your body. So be careful regarding that. Likewise, the pillow under the head should be thin so as to keep your head and neck in line with the spine.  While many use large pillows where the sides of shoulders come under it, thus disturbing the alignment, but be cautious regarding the same. Pillow shouldn’t touch your shoulders.

Maintain the natural contour of the spine while sleeping. If its alignment gets disturbed, then you will surely experience pain in your back. Why? Since, certain points in the spine experience pressure, so try to maintain it in line, like the way it is designed naturally. The concern is alarming considering the rising number of cases where people face issues of back-pain at some or the other point in life.

Sleeping on your stomach (Best to avoid)

There are times when you are tempted to perform certain moves, but you should realize, when done for long, can have serious repercussions. Yes, I am talking about how sleeping on a stomach regularly can result in neck pain. Many may find the position to be extremely comfortable but be aware. Still, if you find comfort in sleeping on your stomach occasionally, then take care of the following points:-

  • You need to realize that this position creates pressure on your back, so you can place a pillow under pelvis and lower abdomen for minimizing the same
  • Based on your need you may or may not place head pillow
  • The position relieves stress between the spaces of the disks though.

How sleeping position can make or break your body?

You work through the day to rest at night. Your tiring and aching body, especially your muscles, ligaments, joints and tissues need proper rest to recover itself. Sleeping does exactly the same.  So, your careful selection of position shouldn’t be putting extra pressure on specific parts of the body. Sadly, the rising age only aggravates the problem. Empower yourself with the sleeping positions where the body rests in a neutral posture while taking rest.

How Sleep and Lower Back Pain are interrelated?

The research speaks volumes about the inter-relation both of them have, mainly because an aching pain stops you from sleep. Yes, lower back pain can’t let you rest peacefully and you report sudden awakenings in different phases of night, when pain becomes bitter. The person experiencing sleep deprivation becomes hyper, short tempered mainly because there is disturbance of chemicals in the brain.

Sleeping on sides for people with heart failures

People with heart diseases refrain from sleeping on the right side. So, the natural position for them is sleeping on the left side of the body as the heart pumps blood all the way to the body and flows back to the heart on the right side.

The significance and importance of your mattress

No doubt the proper selection is important since sleep offers time to heal the body.

The mattress should be firm enough so that the heavier areas of the body in terms of shoulders and hips don’t sink much. Yes, the innersprings of the mattress have a role to play along with its quality. It shouldn’t be hard enough so as to create an upward position for the heavier body parts either.

Additionally, the spine has to be in its natural position like the way when the person is standing. On the same lines, there are high chances that people with back pain are usually the ones who have slept on a mattress that has been very soft. Regarding selection, it is hard to decide before you actually use it yourself, so while you shop, prefer the store that is open to exchange as well, if the need arises.

Be mindful about the pillow you choose

A quality pillow will create a natural flow of spine and won’t interfere with the different sleeping positions you adopt. After all, a neutral spine is important and you can ensure the same. It shouldn’t be too high, so as to put extra pressure and tension on the neck and the same can be said that it should not be too shallow or lean that the head bends inwards.


Final Thoughts

Now, after reading the aforesaid post you know the value and importance of good sleeping positions for back pain. Your little sensitization and carefulness can go a long way in saving yourself from the sudden stiff neck or back pain or even other aches in the body. Be healthy and make your mornings beautiful too. Hence, minimize the severity of back pain with proper knowledge so that you can be active and confident in your professional field.

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