Good Sleeping Position for Babies

Good Sleeping Position for Babies: You are joyfully holding your baby after watching for the first time on a hospital bed. Your eyes glitter and so does your face. Your hands touch the fragile but cute fingers of your loved one. You feel the proudest parent on earth. Why not? Since, you have taken pain all these months to deliver a healthy baby. But do you know your joy of taking the baby back home also comes with responsibilities. Right from knowing good sleeping position for a baby to taking care round the clock, ‘literally’. Yes, your baby needs continuous supervision during the time of sleep. Why? Because you have to constantly watch the baby.

Good Sleeping Position for Babies

Good Sleeping Position for Babies
Good Sleeping Position for Babies

There are certain dangers which you need to avoid. So, what are they? Well, the following post will empower you with not just good sleeping position for babies but additional important aspects of timely care:-

Your concern for the best upbringing is naturally on the top to safeguard them overall. So, what is a good sleeping position for babies? Let’s find out:-

It is important for the babies to be sleeping on their back for safety at least in the first year. This is the healthiest position for them as it minimizes the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

So, while the cute little face of the baby, sleeping on its back mesmerize you as a parent, it is important to follow additional duties:-

  • Get a durable and safety approved crib
  • Sleeping surface should be flat and firm for enhancing their safety level
  • Mattress need to be fitted with a sheet covering
  • Don’t miss the feeding time, be proactive in the same
  • Create a comfortable temperature in line with the fragile body and ‘needs’ of the baby
  • Give them a dry pacifier but don’t force them to have, if they aren’t interested
  • Importantly be in the same room as the baby
  • Use one-piece sleeping outfit for a greater comfort


Now that you know the good sleeping position for babies, it is also important to highlight the concerning death toll which happens due to suffocation in babies in the United States. Over 3000 babies annually die. Few deaths happen due to less awareness on the part of parents as the death is termed to be ‘unexpected’ and ‘sudden’. The tiny tots die due to suffocation, where mainly cloths, loose blankets, toys etc are the culprits.

While parents out of sheer love cover the lower option of newborn with a blanket in the wee hours, sadly, they are prone to be referred as ‘choking hazard’. Similar commodities namely loose sheets, bumpers and stuffed animals can prove to be dangerous for the children.

Babies should be dressed in layers to get away with cold, instead

Save your babies from loose clothing, since their natural instinct of hand and leg movement can  change the place of the blanket right to their face and may prove to be deadly. So, be safe.


Carefully sleep with babies

When you are a co-sleeper, that is sleeping in the close vicinity of your baby on the same surface, (that is bed) then as a guardian/parent it is your responsibility to be extra cautious and careful. Generally, due to such a close knit bond, parents feel the need to give something more in terms of care and comfort. They themselves feel satisfied while being close to their little one, especially it eases mother during breastfeeding too.

However, co-sleeping also sends an alarming and untimely risk of SUDI, that is sudden unexpected death in infancy, mainly with accidents. Hence,  it is important to read the following attributes carefully:-

  • Either one or both the partners is habitual of taking drugs which result in heavy sleep
  • Either of the partners smoke
  • If they are unwell or are extremely tired
  • Your baby was born prematurely
  • Baby is less than 3 months old or unwell


Don’t make the mistake of sleeping on couch with your baby

Couch is not a place to bond with the baby. After all, it is important for parents to have a responsible and mature attitude. Ofcourse, your baby loves to be pampered, but not at the cost of life. Parents out of love tend to sleep with babies on the couch, which has a very soft surface as compared to beds or cribs. Thus, sofas can suffocate babies while infants can accidentally fall too.

While in bed, create a own sleeping space for the babies and remove any sort of loose fitting sheets from their reach.

Avoid flat head

Are you worried after noticing the flat head of the neighbor’s or relative’s child? If yes, then your little sensitization can actually avoid it of your own baby. Babies are so fragile that even the hardest objects such as the skull have softness during the initial few months of birth. Usually when the baby is continuously lying on its back and ‘weeks’ and months pass by, they may develop a flat head, due to pressing of the skull in the same position. It also adds due to holding the skull during breastfeeding. What you can do is to gently position the head in a slight left or right direction. This will create equal pressure on the skull, thus maintaining its natural shape. Similarly, mothers need to always breastfeed equally from both the nipples, as the position of holding skull will equalize henceforth too.

Final thoughts

Finally, you know that your responsibility as a parent matters a lot in nurturing the baby under the safe guidelines of a healthcare provider. The post has empowered you with a good sleeping position for babies and also with matters concerning their safety. Now, slowly with the passing of weeks and months, you will continue to watch the smiles on your proud baby getting bigger and better. It is all due to your care that your body gets to grow under the watchful eyes of responsible parents. So, enjoy the parenthood with responsibilities that make this phase of life even more beautiful and memorable.

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