Good Sleeping Position for Asthma

Good Sleeping Position for AsthmaHave you ever noticed that any cut, bruise or even seasonal disease becomes worse during the course of night? Similarly, due to cold, a blocked nose intensifies it while you try to sleep at night. Likewise, same goes for people suffering from asthma and experience cough, breathlessness etc. This disturbs the sleep as the person wakes up all tired and drained next morning.

Do you know that even an asthmatic person can sleep soundly? Yes, indeed. The following post highlights several good sleeping positions for people so that they can feel better after having a comfortable night of sleep.

Good Sleeping Position for Asthma

Good Sleeping Position for Asthma
Good Sleeping Position for Asthma

Let’s find out the sleeping positions:-

Lying on the Left Side (Preferred)

It is recommended to sleep on the left side and place a pillow between your legs. It minimizes the nocturnal asthmatic problems.

Lying on the right side

For a person suffering from Asthma, lying on the right side will create a difficult phase to breathe. Although exceptions are always there, yet most people experience issues, as it slightly constricts the airways. You can check for yourself, if you are experiencing any issues though.

Lying on back with elevated head

If you are the one who due to pain in your arm or shoulder can’t sleep on either side, then don’t worry. As a substitute you can elevate the head and sleep likewise. Sleep on an incline position by raising the upper portion of the body by 6 to 8 inches with the help of extra pillows. This position helps in minimizing the problems of breathing which becomes higher while sleeping. Additionally, due to the nature of this specific position which helps the body to energize itself for a good body oxygenation.

Hence, in short it creates a way for the person to breathe with its increasing capacity to calm the mind and body. It is better to keep three pillows (or even more) on the back of the neck covering the shoulder so as to elevate the upper part of the body. This opens the airways and thanks to gravity, breathing becomes easier which avoid asthmatic attacks.


Prone Position

Among the different positions mentioned above, here is one more. It is the one where the person lies on the stomach. Prone Position gives a soothing and calming effect in muscles and relaxes trachea to make breathing easier and simple. However, this position comes with a sideback as well. It may cause strain in the neck or back and if unchecked for long, can even block airways. So be very mindful of this specific position.

Keep pets out

Our love for pets, which is pretty natural, can become a source of concern especially when we are in their close vicinity. So, while sleeping at night, it is important to keep them away since they may trigger asthma symptoms as dander likes to hold itself to carpet and bedding.

In short, a good sleeping position for Asthma is the one that maximizes the power of gravity so that your mechanism of breathing becomes comparably easy and effective.

Tips to Adhere

  • Do you know that it is not just your sleeping position which matters, you importantly need to make changes to your lifestyle as well. So what are they? Let’s find out below:-
  • Check on your drinking power by limiting the intake of alcohol along with oily, fatty and heavy meals at the dead of the night close to sleeping. Similarly, the intake of nighttime snacks should be taken after deep introspection too. If possible eat as early as you possibly can, atleast 2 hours before your sleeping time
  • Don’t take those drugs (NSAIDs) which cut short the functioning of esophagus
  • Leave smoking forever

Others steps to take care:-

Do you know that the mattress shouldn’t be laid directly on the floor?

Yes. It is better, if the bed is higher from ground level for lessening the possibility of allergens which you unknowingly breathe during night. So, you end up finding more peace at night while lowering the exposure to irritants.

Regularly clean your bedroom

What is the first advice which you hear doctors suggesting for people with asthma?

Well, it is to clean the surroundings regularly to end the possibility of irritants such as dust etc causing asthma triggers. So, do your bit to reduce the number of irritants which you normally inhale, during 8 hours of sleep.

Weekly wash your bedding

In order to kill allergens and bacteria, wash beddings on weekly basis in at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit and dry in high heat as well.

Do you know mattresses and pillows ideally become breeding grounds for dust mites? So, dust proof covers make them away while you feel satisfied doing your bit to keep surroundings clean.

Bedroom windows should be closed

Do you realize that outside air is responsible for bringing dust mites along with other irritants right to your bedroom? Yes, now, you really don’t want such asthma triggers and compromise your sleep. This is where you close down your windows which end the possibility of such triggers making way inside to a great extent.

It is next to impossible to eliminate irritants fully whether it is of pet dander or dust mites etc, then again your timely efforts and sensitization can reduce the symptoms by controlling the buildup which otherwise would have potentially triggered. So, maintain hygiene in the surroundings where you spend a big part of the day.

Final Thoughts

The post tries to ease your sufferings arising out of frequent coughing, breathlessness etc during night. So, you not just only experience peaceful sleep, but wake up refreshed. Be smart and make the right decision at the right time. Since your timely action can save you from nightmares of unbearable pain and sleeplessness. It is not just your nights, but your subsequent days become challenging with red eyes, unbearable pain and body aches. Your life matters, and if after trying the remedial measures, you don’t get much respite, then get in touch with a doctor.


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