Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy : Pregnancy is the best phase for an expecting mother. However, the never ending excitement comes with a responsibility of its own. Before beginning further let me ask you:-

Have you ever seen elders in the family with their long list of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy?

Of-course yes and the list is very much never ending. However, there are few really important things which demand immediate care, comfort and concern, such as the way you sleep. The best remedy is you have full control to the way you can adjust to the sleeping positions. Women can empower themselves with the techniques which enhance the quality of sleep so that it is safe for the health of the baby including their own. Isn’t it?

Why you should sleep more than ever during pregnancy

  • Sleep is such a naturally gifted phase where the body repairs and heals itself. Same holds true for blood vessels which go through restoration to make themselves ready for furnishing the requirement of extra blood flow to support the baby.
  • Sleep makes your immune stronger, which is needed for a healthy pregnancy

Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy
Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Let’s now take a look at the good sleeping position during pregnancy:-


Good Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

Although, it is a challenge to find a comfortable night with deep sleep during pregnancy, yet ‘sleep’ becomes even more important at this time. You have to work your way to overcome issues to find a proper sleeping position. Experts view the “Left Side” to be an ideal position, even though the right side is fine too, as per the comfort level of expecting mothers.

Based on the progress of the abdomen, the left side feels more comfortable and easy to spend the night though. When the ‘mom-to-be’ chooses left side then the body experiences an improved circulation. The blood (rich in nutrients) easily reaches all the way from the heart to placenta for the baby’s nourishment. It also minimizes the effect that the (increasing) body weight exerts pressure on the liver. The liver and kidney infact have enough space to function in the best possible manner. It even checks on the issues of swelling if it occurs on feet, ankles and hands.

So, the ideal side is the Left side. However, for a better ease, care and comfort, women may shift from left to right during the course of night.  Even if you happen to wake during the night and you find yourself lying on back, simply switch sides.

What happens when you don’t get required sleep?

How about getting up in the morning with lack of sleep? You feel tired for the rest of the day. The same holds true for expecting mothers who experience physical and emotional fatigue. Remember, it is the matter of two lives. Besides yours, it is the life inside which is very fragile that needs regular nourishment and care without any delay. Lack of sleep can also result in mood swings and disorders. If unchecked for long, can result in the restriction of baby’s growth as ‘fatigue’ becomes the most common scenario for the ‘would-be’ mothers who don’t get required sleep.

When to get in touch with a doctor?

If still getting even a few hours of sleep remains to be a challenge then consulting a doctor is possibly the best thing you can do. They can provide strategies and solutions for the difficulties you are facing. They can guide and explain to you about the possible risks (if any) to your baby during the various sleeping movements. So, don’t compromise on your sleep as you have dual responsibility of not just yourself, but equally a baby which you haven’t seen uptill now.

Sleeping on your back (Not idle after first trimester)

Experts advise pregnant women to refrain sleeping on their back post the first trimester since your back has to bear the entire weight of the growing uterus. Not just your back, the pressure can also be on the intestines and the main vein (vena cava) carrying blood back from the lower body to the heart.

If unchecked, the pressure becomes bigger, interfering with circulation, digestion thus making you feel sleepy and uncomfortable.

What to do, if you wake up on your back?

Changing positions during sleep is somewhat unavoidable during night. If an expecting mother has an occasional concern of waking up on her back, then a pillow can come handy. Not only it will give extra support but help her to be at the sides. If you somehow find yourself sleeping on your back, don’t worry. You should smartly convince yourself that waking up is a reminder that it is time for you to change positions. So, sleep on the side.

‘Stomach-sleeping’ during pregnancy –A Big No

If you have been sleeping on your stomach before pregnancy, then to be on a safer side, simply change it, right the first time you get the news of your pregnancy. You know you shouldn’t take any chance when such good news instills a sense of excitement and happiness extending for not just nine months, but for the rest of your life. So, it is perfectly fine not even to wait till the baby bump makes you uncomfortable or impossible. Simply, avoid sleeping and switch to a more healthy and comfortable position, not just for the safety of your baby, but yourself as well. Since, at this position (sleeping on stomach) your abdomen puts pressure on the expanding uterus, which you dearly don’t want. Isn’t it? Similarly, your ballooning breasts need space and will hurt if pressed in such a fashion.

Word of Advice

You need as much sleep as you possibly can get for yourself. You know very well that the time is not too far when you eventually have to be woken up for feeding your cute little baby during the middle of the night.


Final Thoughts

Now, after going through the above post on the good sleeping position during pregnancy, your growing bump and your excitement should continue to get bigger while getting good night sleep too. Even though things become slightly challenging as the month progresses, the post tries to give you a soothing balm for your tiring and aching body to a great extent.

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