Global Family Day 2018 2019 Theme

By | December 28, 2018

Global Family Day is celebrated every year on 1st January. As this is also a happy new year welcome day therefore people has two reasons to have get together with their families. Global Family Day has initially originated in the United States of America (USA) in 2001 and gradually gained importance all over the world symbolizing sharing, caring and make it as a safer place to live .

Basically Global Family Day is celebrated to Spread the message of peace, harmony, oneness of humanity to different nationalities, cultures, races, political parties and economic classes. In some regions this day is named as “One Day of Peace” or “Day of Peace”.

Global Family Day
Global Family Day 2018 2019

All over the world, Family members are almost busy in organizing parties to celebrate two events together (Happy New Year and Global Family Day). Irrespective of nationalities,religion, cultures, races, color of skin, political parties and economic classes each family get together on this first day of the year to share meals, gifts as a family as a single unit of society. A family consists of people of different age groups but this day they all get together in peace and forgiveness.

Global Family day or New Year Day can be celebrated in different ways : –

  • Meet people in your neighbor hood and society.
  • Cultural activities can be organised
  • One can donate or collect money for humanitarian relief organizations.
  • Help needy people by giving them food, books , etc.
Global Family Day
Global Family Day 2018 2019

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