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Hello everybody, almost all exams have one general awareness/general knowledge section. Here i have written some points for you which will help you a lot in cracking various exams for eg:- SSC, FCI, PO,CLERK AND MANY MORE.

It will take maximum 10 minutes (I am sure it will help you a lot).

  • In india , the concept of single citizenshp is adopted from  England.
  • Shri Guru Hargovind ji called himself “Sachcha Badshah”.
  • The civil disobedience movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930.
  • Diu is island of gujrat.
  • The slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” was given by Bhagat singh.
  • Dutch KLM is the oldest international airline.
  • Boron can be used to absorb neutrons to control the chain reaction during nuclear fission.
  • Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of uncontrolled fusion reaction.
  • Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere because it is heated by the earth’s surface.
  • Corona is the outermost layer of the Sun.
  • India’s first computer was installed in Indian Statistical Institute , Calcutta.
  • The tissue in man where no cell division occurs after birth is nerves.
  • The normal cholestrol level in human blood is 180-200 mg%.
  • Syrinx is the voice box in Birds.
  • The largest ecosystem of the earth is Biome.
  • In a food chain ,the plants utilize only 0.1 % of the solar energy.
  • Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of O3 layer.
  • OTEC stands for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion.
  • Bits per second is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission.
  • The most harmful radition is produced by fission reaction.
  • Fibre glass is used for making glass reinforced plastic.
  • Cadmium metal causes Itai-Itai disease.
  • Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it prevents freezing of petrol.
  • Alexander Fleming invented penicillin.
  • Amundsen discovered South Pole.
  • Suisini folk dance is associated with rajasthan.
  • The System of Dyarchy was introduced in india in 1919.
  • The Editor of ‘Young India’ and ‘Harijan’ was Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar attended all the Three Round Table Conferences.
  • Ostrich is the largest living bird on earth.


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