Friendship Day Quotations

Friendship Day Quotations : In our messy life, the ones who bring fun, laughter and make us calm are “Friends”. Having friends by your side is something a matter of luck. God gave us so many relations by his choice like parents, siblings and much more but he made us able to decide that who to be friends with. Friendship is a relation which we choose ourselves.

Friends create a life out of us and the real ones motivate us. They uplift us and help us in every possible way. Those who have age old friendships are literally gold hearted. Undoubtedly, friends are the family we choose for our lives. This is a bond where you can be as weird as you want without getting judged. Friends are someone who will never create any thought about you and are always ready to listen to you no matter what time or what place.

The most special bond is friendship because it doesn’t care what religion you are of, what is your skin color and what financial status you come from. It just shares heart to heart connection. An open diary would not be wrong to say for a best friend. We can make various friends through the journey of life but having a friend who is constantly with you throughout your life is the one you should hold on to. If you have a friend whom you can count on, you are blessed. It is not that you need to earn money to be rich but if you have enough loyal friends, you are already rich by heart.

Friendship Day Quotations

Friendship Day Quotations
Friendship Day Quotations

Friendship’s Day is round the corner and you have this golden chance to make your friends feel the precious part of your life by wishing them in the most special way. Here, we are helping you out with some heartfelt and adorable quotations and wishes for friendship day for your dear friends. Send them these wishes and make them smile whole day.


Friendship Day Wishes

  1. Friends fix us in the best way no matter how much broken they are.
  2. I can’t be more thankful to God to have you as a friend for life. You mean a lot to me my dear friend. Happy Friendship Day.
  3. There are million people around me but I chose you as my best friend. You are a purest soul inside out. Happy Friendship Day my sweetheart.
  4. I can count on you my dear bae. I am grateful to have you by my side in all the ups and downs of my life. Happy Friendship Day darling.
  5. Friends are a family we choose ourselves. They stand like a pillar without judging.
  6. Life is dull and monotonous without friends. Friends complete the atmosphere.
  7. I am able to forget my pains just because you were there to console me. I am blessed to have you my friend. Happy Friendship Day buddy.
  8. When nobody was there to support me, I could see you clearly. Friends are gem and I am pretty rich because I have the brightest gem of all. Happy Friendship Day my dear.
  9. To share my darkest secret with you without getting scared that you might reveal is the trust level I have in you. Happy Friendship Day my mate.
  10. The depth of our bond is more than that of the ocean. I wish it remains till forever. Happy Friendship Day my best friend. Love you!
  11. The minute I get to know you are upset, I start getting goose bumps and really want to pacify you as soon as possible. Our friendship is not just sharing happy moments but also be with each other in their worst. Happy Friendship Day my love.
  12. Friendship is such a bond which make all other bonds stronger. If you want to be the life partner, start your relationship with friendship.
  13. I have tried spending time with those casual friends but the most comfortable I feel is with you my best friend. Happy Friendship Day dear.
  14. Happy Friendship Day my buddy. You hold an extraordinary place in my heart that can’t be replaced by anyone. Lots of love to you!
  15. Friendship is when you can stand with each other without attaining any benefit from each other. True friendship is unconditional and remains forever.
  16. Distance can never make us apart. You will always be there in my heart no matter wherever you go in life. Happy Friendship Day my lifeline.
  17. Friends add that extra cheese to the tasteless burger, a flavor to boring day and colors to your black and white life.
  18. I am at ease because I have you to share all my aggression with. Thanks a lot, my dear friend for tolerating my tantrums. Happy Friendship Day. I love you more than I can express through words.
  19. I can rely on you more than anyone. You are a true inspiration of a loyal and best friend. You make me learn every little thing I forget. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  20. I am glad to have a close friend like you. The way you support me selflessly is just speechless. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Friendship Day my dear.
  21. I can’t thank enough to my school and those childhood days because I found you as my best friend. You made all these tough years so convenient with your presence. Happy Friendship Day my girl.
  22. You convert my disastrous problems turn into a peanut. A true and best friend of mine. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  23. Every time I make a mistake and fall down, you are always there to pick me up. I am grateful to you. Sending warm hugs to you especially on this friendship day as we could not make it to meet. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  24. Friends remain closer no matter if they can’t see each other every other day. That understanding makes the bond stronger.
  25. You are my constant support my dearest friend. I am nothing without your presence in my life. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  26. I love the way you make me understand everything that is important for me. Its wonderful having you by my side.
  27. I am lucky that my family praises you more than me. At least, there is something that I did brilliantly on my own. Happy Friendship Day my babe.
  28. I can feel that you are more concerned with my issues than I am. A friend is the only person who can be more worried than you are. Happy Friendship Day.
  29. It is impossible to imagine a life without friends. Though, you can live but that way you will only be existing. Friends bring the best out of you and nobody can do that task as perfectly as a friend can do.
  30. I am relieved because I can share each and everything with you. You are my human diary to which I can express everything I feel. Happy Friendship Day my best buddy.
  31. You support me, you show me a path, you make me laugh harder. I am overwhelmed with your friendship. Happy Friendship Day my dear.
  32. I might not have a million of friends but I have a friend who is worth the million.
  33. You can’t be closer to your family but you can be closer to your friends. Friends will never judge you and won’t abandon anything in your life.
  34. My dear friend, please don’t change yourself ever. You are really kind and beautiful inside and out. Happy Friendship Day.
  35. No matter there is a noise all around but a friend will fill you with peace.
  36. Hey my buddy, I am thankful to you the way you filled me with love and life once again. Happy Friendship Day. Lots of love to you.
  37. I can proudly say that you are my friend. You are such a generous person that anybody would like to be with you. I am luckier one. Happy Friendship Day buddy.
  38. I never want to lose you my mate. You give actual meaning to my life. Happy Friendship Day to you. God bless you with the best.
  39. By just talking to you makes me feel contented. You are my best friend for life. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  40. A life with friends is a life worth living.
  41. The best part of a friendship is that you don’t have to read a face and tell what’s there. You can just listen to their voice and can tell what is it. A friend is a magician.
  42. Their advice has a strong message for you. A friend is the best guide anyone can get.
  43. The solutions you give to my problems are genuinely worthy. Thanks for being my unpaid therapist. Happy Friendship Day to you my dear.
  44. A friend can heal you much better than any antibiotic. The laughter you get with your friends is beyond anything.
  45. Every friend holds a value in life. No less or more, but every friend has their own importance.
  46. I never had trust in me but you believed me more than I did. Thank You my friend for always correcting me after my mistakes. Happy Friendship Day.
  47. Growing old and living every phase with your friend is no less than a blessing. You are a true friend to me. Happy Friendship Day to you my heart.
  48. You are closer to me than my sibling. I am more comfortable in sharing everything with you more than anyone. Happy Friendship Day.
  49. From going school together to planning trips to our favorite destinations, we made our bond stronger. Happy Friendship Day my love.
  50. The craziness I found in you is in nobody. You are a friend who is a lifetime happiness for me. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  51. You have a heart of gold who knows very well how to forgive. My dear friend, Happy Friendship Day.
  52. Not just this day, every single day is with you. You give me a reason to smile. May God give you abundance of happiness. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  53. I found you in my childhood and is seeing everyday while growing. This feeling can’t be expressed in words. Happy Friendship Day to you. Lots of Love.
  54. I want to see you every day, every month, every year and in every phase of my life. Happy Friendship Day my best buddy.
  55. You know me better than me. I am so happy that I have you as my best friend. Happy Friendship Day.
  56. The unforgettable memories I can have only with friends. Friends are someone who never judge you. They are precious.
  57. I can’t promise to solve all of your problems but I can promise you to hold your hand tight in the toughest phase. Happy Friendship Day my unpaid therapist. Love you!
  58. There is a piece of happiness in me always because I keep on thinking you. My dear friend, you are my love. Happy Friendship Day.
  59. Whenever I need you, you are always there by my side. I am grateful to you that you make me your first priority than you. Happy Friendship Day buddy.
  60. A true friend is the one who is still loyal behind you. I am blessed that you are the one who always favors me at my back as well. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  61. I am not perfect but still you chose me as your friend. I am grateful that you never see the flaws in me. Happy Friendship Day my sweet friend.
  62. Friends make complicated life a simple one with just their presence.
  63. Friendship is such a blessing that has been showered upon every individual.
  64. Lord Krishna and Sudama set a great example of friendship. Friendship never demands status.

Keep smiling and I wish you loved reading Friendship Day Quotations.

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