Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp

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Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp

Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp : All of us after coming home, look for mom and we know that dad will meet us at night. Have you ever noticed why dads are too busy the whole day? It is because he wants to provide you the best life more than his potential. A father is equally important as the mother for the kids. A father is the one who no matter scolds you but he wants the excellent for you. He might get aggressive on you but deep inside he has a heart of gold.

Father’s Day is celebrated on every third Sunday of the month of June to let the fathers know that what they matter to their kids. Although, not a single day can be described for parents as the whole life is less for our parents. But somewhere in this world, there is a trend of celebrating Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, valentine’s day and many more to make them feel special.

Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp

Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp
Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp

A father plays a major role in his kid’s life by guiding him with the life lessons. He makes a child strong and is always there with him in every situation. We often notice that a mother is too emotional and fathers are strong but that doesn’t mean that a father has no emotions. He is the most emotional person but it is just that he doesn’t show his emotions and pretends to be hard and tough.

A father can play multiple roles for his children. He can be a philosopher, a friend, an inspiration, a superhero and much more. The initiatives of a father may not be seen but without him there is no life. You are really blessed if you have a hand of your father on your head. Respect your father and treat them with love and care. Fathers never ask for something but they would definitely love it when you will make them feel special.

This Father’s Day, wish your father “Happy Father’s Day” by sending these wishes to them. He will surely adore them and will feel loved. Children can never give the same amount of love that a parent can give to their children. Nevertheless, a child can still do a lot for his parents’ happiness. Parents want nothing but respect and love from their children and that is just priceless.


Father’s Day Wishes

  1. Dear Dad, you are my backbone and I am proud to be your kid. Happy Father’s Day. love you!
  2. Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are a gem of a person. I know you never tell or express but you love me beyond anything.
  3. My dearest Dad, you have done a lot for me and I feel so lucky to have you as my father. Happy Father’s Day.
  4. Papa, I might have never told you but you are my first love and forever one. I might get married to a man and go but you will always be there in my heart. Happy Father’s Day Dad. Love you lots!
  5. My sweet and strong Dad, you are the one who always scold me but I know you love me more than anything. Papa you are my superhero. I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day.
  6. A father is more than thousands of teachers. Papa, your guidance made me reach to the right path. Thank you for everything you did for me. Happy Father’s Day. God bless you with good health always.
  7. I still remember your sense of humor Dad. I am overwhelmed by seeing your efforts to make me laugh when I feel down. Papa you are truly wonderful. Happy Father’s Day.
  8. A father’s love is unconditional and the purest one. Happy Father’s Day Pap. I love you more than the words could describe.
  9. A mother keeps her baby in the womb for 9 extra months than the father can see. But a father keeps his child forever in his heart. There is no comparison of the love of parents. Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are great.
  10. Dad, I am amazed to see that how tough you are. I want to acknowledge you for all the efforts you do for us. Happy Father’s Day. Lots of love.
  11. Dear Papa, the way you have make our family together and inseparable, it is an inspiration for me. Happy Father’s Day.
  12. My dearest Daddy, thank you so much for making me strong. I overcame my fears just because you were there by my side. Happy Father’s Day to the best father of the universe.
  13. Not every father knows his child but I think I am the luckiest one. Papa you know me so well. Happy Father’s Day to you. Keep smiling!
  14. You are the love of my life Dad. You taught me so much without teaching me in real. Happy Father’s Day Papa. I love you!
  15. Papa, your presence matters the most as you only complete the family. Happy Father’s Day.
  16. A father without saying a word teaches valuable lessons to his children. I have learnt from you so much papa. Happy Father’s Day. Lots of love!
  17. You look tough but deep inside you are too innocent Papa. May you always stay healthy. Happy Father’s Day.
  18. A child gets lucky when his father becomes his best friend. Thanks for being my friend dear papa. Happy Father’s Day.
  19. From tying the knot of my tie till teaching me the reality of life, Papa you made me stand on my own feet. I am blessed to have you as my father. Happy Father’s Day.
  20. Papa, the way you always used to help mom in the household chores made me feel so awesome. I admire you the most. Happy Father’s Day.
  21. My strongest superhero, no matter wherever I reach in life, I will always be needing you. Happy Father’s Day dad.
  22. I can’t even imagine that how much efforts you put in raising us. Papa you are truly a superhero. Happy Father’s Day.
  23. Your shoulders were the first place I used to ride upon. Dear papa, please protect me always. Happy Father’s Day.
  24. Papa, the way you work hard and doesn’t even show us that how much tired you are makes me feel bad. I promise to give you every comfort you deserve. Happy Father’s Day.
  25. Dear Dad, you deserve a lot. You do so much for us and that too selflessly. I am proud of you papa. Happy Father’s Day.
  26. My lifeline, I am grateful to you papa that without thinking for yourself, you do a lot for us. Happy Father’s Day.
  27. No matter how much ill you are, you still care for our needs. Hats off to you dad. Happy Father’s Day.


To be a father is not at all easy. A father sacrifices abundance of things just to provide a comfortable life to his children. A selfless man with a strong soul. Words are also enough to thank father, his efforts, his consistent support and his care. Give your father what he deserves. Spend time with him because that’s all he needs and looks for.


  1. I apologize for not spending a quality of time with you papa. I assure you that I will spend time with you and will try to help you in your work. Happy Father’s Day.
  2. Dear Daddy, I can’t even think that how much patience you have. You just make my need fulfill without even giving a second thought. I love you beyond anything. Happy Father’s Day.
  3. Dad, you have sacrificed so much to provide me a king style life. I love you to the moon and back. Happy Father’s Day.
  4. A daughter will always love her dad no matter how much old she grows. Happy Father’s Day Papa.
  5. Thanks, papa, for always saving me from mom’s scolding. Happy Father’s Day.
  6. Your shoulder is a safest place for me to rely on. Papa, no matter how much older I get, I will still wish to hug you every time. Happy Father’s Day.
  7. You know more than the Google. Papa you are my guide and best friend. Happy Father’s Day. Lots of love.
  8. Dear Dad, God bless you with abundance of happiness because you deserve all the happiness of this universe. Happy Father’s Day.
  9. From toys to all the luxuries you gave me, I am thankful to Dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  10. The best gift for me is your hand on my head. Papa, God bless you with good health. Happy Father’s Day.
  11. A father’s priority never changes. It always remains the same and that is his children. Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are the best.
  12. You are an inspiration Dad. You make me learn so much. Those valuable lessons are forever remembered by me. Happy Father’s Day.
  13. Dear Papa, I know you are in the safest place in the heaven. I hope I could make you feel proud one day. Happy Father’s Day.
  14. A call from you makes me get shivered because I feel that you will scold me but I know you care for me. Happy Father’s Day Papa.
  15. Papa, because of you only, I could be able to see this world with a vision of boldness. Happy Father’s Day.
  16. You kindle a spark on my dreams. Thanks, papa, for supporting me in my endeavors. Happy Father’s Day.
  17. You made me realize of my potential. Happy Father’s Day to the best man.
  18. I am really lucky to have you as my father. You always try your best to make me smile in my worst. Happy Father’s Day Papa. I love you a lot!
  19. You are a fun-loving person and the liveliest of all. Happy Fathers’ Day.
  20. I will always look up to you no matter what. Happy Father’s Day papa.
  21. My love for you will never going to end. You will always be my favorite dear Papa. Happy Father’s Day.
  22. Your silent hard work gave us a life I could never imagined. Papa you are a superhero without a cape. Happy Father’s Day.
  23. I am amazed to know that how can you get to know what I need. Before even asking for it, you fulfill all my needs. Happy Father’s Day Papa.
  24. I will never be able to match your personality papa. You are a wonderful soul who selflessly do so much for us. Happy Father’s Day.
  25. I might buy the same size of the shoe like yours but I won’t ever be as wise as you are. Happy Father’s Day papa. Love you so much!
  26. Papa, it is not always necessary that you only get us things we need. You also have requirements. Please dad, do it for yourself too. Happy Father’s Day.
  27. Papa, I want nothing in life but only your presence by my side. Happy Father’s Day.
  28. You are the one who never complaints. I promise to give you a life you deserve. Happy Father’s Day Papa.
  29. Papa, you have a heart of gold. Happy Father’s Day.
  30. You are the most special person of my life dear dad. The way you make my problems a peanut is really appreciable. Happy Father’s Day. I love you so much.
  31. Papa, I really respect you from the bottom of my heart. You have the biggest heart that you think for everyone but I have a complaint that why do you not fulfill your needs? I love you dad. Happy Father’s Day.
  32. Dad, I can see that hidden sadness behind your smile. Please share your emotions with us. Happy Father’s Day.
  33. You don’t have to sacrifice for us always dad. I don’t like when you avoid your needs to fulfill ours. Happy Father’s Day.
  34. Fathers never express their feelings but they always show by providing the best. Happy Father’s Day Papa. You are amazing!

Keep smiling and I wish you loved reading Father’s Day Wishes for WhatsApp.

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