Essay on Diwali

By | November 10, 2018

Essay on Diwali

Diwali is that event which mostly comes as an essay in exams or other competitive activities. Keeping in mind everything here below is written an  Essay on Diwali  and  I am sure this article “Essay on Diwali” will definitely help you out in your work.

India’s biggest festival Diwali is celebrated with lots of lights and crackers. This festival is the remark of Lord Rama’s triumph who defeated the demon Ravan and returned home after 14 years of exile. It is mainly a festival of Hindus due to which Indians start waiting for this festival months before. The shopkeepers usually enhance the beauty of nights by hanging lightning bulbs even before a month or many days.

The Hindus pray to their lords for brimming their homes with lots of wealth and happiness for which they worship Goddess Lakshmi along with the God Ganesha. This day is not only significant for Hindus, but it is prominent for Sikhs too. The Sixth Sikh Guru Shri Hargobind got released from the jail on this day in 1619 when 52 princes were also released along with him.

Essay on Diwali

Essay on Diwali

With the return of Shri Hargobind Ji and Shri Rama, Sikhs and Hindus lightened the Golden Temple and streets respectively. From that day, people began to celebrate this day of joy as a tradition which is still fresh even after centuries. The walls and terraces look so beautiful when decorated with small earthen lamps which are filled with mustard oil as a part of rituals. The whole villages and cities shine like paradise on the day of Diwali every year.

Diwali is the most loved and celebrated festival in India, as on this day we decorate our homes and exchange the gifts. It is the time when family and friend come together, indulge into fun and the spirit of togetherness. Along with older people, kids also wait for this festival a whole year to celebrate it with much joy and love, as this festival brings a lot of happiness and pleasurable moments for them.

When Diwali is near to come, kids say to their parents to bring crackers, lighted lamps, Pooja thalis, sweets and chocolates in homes. They wait for the Diwali with great enthusiasm and a lot of courage and gathers a lot of ideas to celebrate this day. This festival does not have any fixed date as per the national calendar whereas this is celebrated according to the Hindu Calendar.

On this special occasion, people use to buy some new apparels to ensure the maintenance of the purity of the festival. Along with this, most of the people in India usually renovate their homes near Diwali by cleaning their homes and paint them with fresh colors. This process starts some days before Diwali. People clean their houses by sliding the things from usual to fresh.

Along with this, the thing which adds charm to this festival is the fireworks. Even these are creating so much of pollution these days, but in the old days, people used to love to fire the crackers and those noises to enhance the happiness to the next level. The crackers of the present day are not much good for the health of the people.

 Thus, children should maintain a slight difference and should embed the stars into this special occasion by lighting candles or mustard oil filled earthen lamps. So, that there must not be any chances of accident and festival can be enjoyed with happiness and joy.

I hope the ideas delivered to you through this post “ Essay on Diwali ” will help you a lot. Don’t Forget to share it with your friends, neighbours, cousins, etc.

I once again wish everyone a very Happy Diwali.

Essay on Diwali

Essay on Diwali


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