What is environment?

Environment is the surroundings in which we (humans) , animals  , plants lives or operates. Environment and its types includes all elements, factors and conditions that have its impact on growth , development , damage of certain living or non living organisms.

Save Environment Save Yourself (Environment and its types)



The concept framework developed by Gross , Crandall and Knoll identifies three environments.  Three types of environment are given below (Environment and its types):-

  • Household environment.
  • Near environment.
  • Large environment.

Each of these environments has its boundaries and functions , which separate them. These environments are interdependent. Each smallest system of these environments is sub-system of next larger system. For ex:- Family is a part of household system , the household is part of its near environment i.e its neighbourhood, city or state which is gain part of a nation and the world at large.

1) Household environment  :-

It is the most immediate and intimate (close and familiar) Household environment. The household environment is the activity area of the family. It is the area where family has maximum control. It is the place where the values of family are reflected. The day-to-day activities , the joys and sorrows and the ups and downs in the family are experienced in this environment.

The physical environment includes the house , furnishing , equipments and facilities. The market is the near environment also influences the household environment. The family can , to a certain degree control its household environment but it is not entirely independent of the larger environment.

2) Near Environment :-

The near  Environment is less personal. Near  Environment may constitute the neighbourhood, community and city.  Near Environment includes – the business , educational , religious , political recreation and other organisations or groups with which the family and its members interact frequently.

Near Environment requires more adaptation and inputs on the part of family members . Near Environment also varies for people in same community because each family has its own resources and limitations. The character of the Near Environment is also affected by its geographical location such as urban , sub-urban and rural area of a country. Near Environment influences the access to some community resources and market in the region.

The near environment can be change drastically when you move from one place to another. This movement may be voluntary or involuntary  because one wants to move , the family is ready to accept the changes , but if it is compulsory , it may cause discontentment among the family members.


3) Larger Environment :-

Large environment extended from near environment to as far as family interacts i.e. state region, nation or world. Large environment provides the cultural setting to the family and when family moves in this environment there are a lot of cultural changes,which they have to adjust to. Large environment has a significant and direct influence on the family. The families are generally aware of  this influence because it is common for different classes, communities, groups and households. The government policies and programmes are common, the cultural values, customs and concept are same and acceptable to all. But when one moves to another country the cultural and other such differences have to be accepted and modified according to the needs. The political system affects economic situations. The ethnic groups prefer interaction among them and would like to stay together.

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