Does Food Lion sell Money Orders?

Does Food Lion sell Money Orders? : Money orders are mostly considered a safe and secure option whenever we seek to send or receive money. The good part is that one can even get money orders from the grocery stores.

Especially, the food line makes a grocery chain that handles the sale of money orders from Western Unions at almost every location of it. The fee that Food Lion charges is generally less than one dollar and the limit of money orders is $500. Following are the details about the Money order that can lend you a big help in knowing about the availability and policies of money orders at the stores of Food Lion.

Does Food Lion sell Money Orders?

Does Food Lion sell Money Orders
Does Food Lion sell Money Orders?

The primary question that people generally come up with is, “Does Food Lion sell money orders?”

So, the answer to this question is a yes. Food lion sells Money orders at a lot of its locations through Western Union.

How can you make the payment for money orders?

When it comes to paying for your money order at Food Lion, you can avail a lot of payment options. You can either pay by cash or you can use a debit or credit card. Moreover, visiting a customer service desk for the purchase of a money order can also be away. The timings of the money order availability should always be in your mind which are from 7 am to 9 pm in general.

What are the required documents to buy a money order?

Purchasing a money order is not like any random purchase however one needs a valid government-issued ID may it be a passport, driving license, or any other proof. Along with it, the buyer must need to provide their full name. Whenever you pay a visit to any Food Lion center, an assistant there will help you out and provide you with the money order.

If you live in such an area where Food Lion does not sell money orders of your choice, then you should consider purchasing it from other grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, banks, etc.

What is the process to fill out a money order?

The information you need to fill out for a money order is just similar to what you require for a check. The only difference between the money orders is that these must be prepaid. The money orders do not need to pull funds from your bank account whenever the receiver of the check cashes that. In case of a money order, money’s withdrawal gets done right at the time you buy it. Here is all you need to fill out for a money order.

  • Name of the recipient
  • Address of the sender
  • The dollar amount that is being paid
  • Cash or Plastic Money to pay for it

Keep the purpose of transfer handy, though it may not be asked from you it’s good to keep the same in knowledge.

Does Food Lion liquidate money orders?

Food Lion does not liquidate money orders as per the representative’s saying. It is not an uncommon policy as you can find a plethora of such stores that sell money orders but do not buy them. If you wish to cash a money order, then we advise you to go by bank. However, liquidating a money order might not be a difficult task but you need a lot of research to find a store for the same.

All in all, Food Lion sells money orders and allows you to pay by any payment mode at almost every store of it. They accept orders up to $500 for the fee that might cost you even lesser than $1. Just like most of the grocery stores, Food Lion doesn’t cash any money order.

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