Darwin Day History and Celebration

Darwin Day History and Celebration : The birth anniversary of Charles Darwin is celebrated every year on 12th February keeping his great contribution to the world of education in mind.

Charles Darwin was born in 1809 at Shrewsbury in Shropshire of England. The day is recognized with the name “Darwin Day” or “International Darwin Day”. Scroll down to know more about the Darwin Day facts and history.

Darwin Day History and Celebration

Darwin Day History and Celebration
Darwin Day History and Celebration

History of Darwin Day

The celebrations of Darwin Day began with the contribution of three people who were enthusiasts of Darwin.  In 1995, Dr. Robert Stephens motivated the Humanist community to begin an annual Darwin Day in Silicon Valley. In 1997, Professor Massimo Pigliucci organized an annual event of Darwin Day at the University of Tennessee. In 2000, Amanda Chesworth joined Stephens in New Mexico in the incorporation of the Darwin Day across the boundaries of the whole world. After two years, the celebrations of Darwin Day were reincorporated to promote humanity as well as science across every corner of the globe in California. Under 501 (c) (3), the incorporation of the day was held by a non-profit educational corporation that leads to promotion in public education about the field of science. In the US, House Resolution 67 designated 12th February as a national holiday on the occasion of  Darwin Day in 2015.

Charles Darwin published the book named The Origin of Species, and then scientists, scholars, and artists paid tributes everywhere across the whole globe. On the 100th anniversary of the publication of this book, a lot of events took place from 24th November to 28th November. Not merely this, but Salem State University also has been successfully holding an annual Darwin festival every year since 1980.

Purpose of Darwin Day Celebrations

The celebrations of Darwin Day take place to inspire people everywhere in the world to showcase the importance of scientific works, thinking, curiosity to look for hunger, and other new things for finding the truth of Charles Darwin.

How do celebrations of Darwin day take place?

The celebrations of Darwin Day take place in various methods and ways. Mainly, people visit the history museum and attend exhibitions. Also, people can take a reading of the Origin of Species book and read about his theories. People also share the contributions of Charles Darwin on social media platforms. A lot of other events can also be held on Darwin Day everywhere in the world. Since 2003, Darwin Festival takes place in Shrewsbury that lasts for the whole of February month every year.

You can celebrate the day the way you feel and read the inventions and theories of Darwin so that he can be remembered for various coming years too.

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