33+ Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas Patterns Stencils Faces 2022

Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas Patterns Stencils Faces 2022: As soon as we hear 31st October, our mind starts to think about scary stories and horror things. It is in the eve of 31st October that “Halloween” is celebrated by people in various countries. The festival which is celebrated in the honor of the departed brings alive our myths and beliefs in supernatural things. There are many traditionally followed events related to Halloween one of which is carving Jack-o-lanterns with pumpkins. If you are looking for such ideas, then here we have the Easy Scary & Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas Patterns Stencils Faces  for this Halloween 2020.

The Origin of Halloween: The belief of Celtic people that spirits can enter our world during the midnight of 31st October paved the way for Halloween. They called that “Samhain”. They wore masks made up of animal head and skin in order to escape from ghoulish spirits. They sacrificed corps and animals to calm down the enraged souls. Later, the Christians started celebrating “all hallows’ eve” on October 31 and “All Saints Day” on November 1. All hallows’ eve became “Halloween”.

Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas Patterns Stencils Faces 2022Cool Pumpkin Carving Ideas 2022

We all are people with rational thinking but on Halloween we go back in time. We start telling ghost stories and revive our beliefs in mythological otherworldly spirits. We dress up in costumes just like our ancestors and carve jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins. People give candies to children who go trick or treating. We scare our friends by playing pranks on them. Friends get together to watch horror films during this time.


Create a spooky jack-o-lantern:

Jack-o-lanterns are carved out of pumpkins especially during Halloween. You have to clear the guts of the pumpkin and carve an image out of it. Then you finish it off by placing a lit candle inside it. People used to carve scary images on their pumpkin and placed the lit candle to scare others. They tricked their friends and family by using the pumpkin look like a fearsome creature. This is where the term trick or treating comes from. To prevent children from tricking them, the neighbors give treats like candies to children.

You can find many such patterns for carving your pumpkin here in this article. The patterns can be that of a silly ghost or a creepy one. There is no limit to what you can carve out of a pumpkin. Bring out your artistic side with these pumpkin carving patterns. With these patterns you can create a great jack-o-lantern and decorate your house with it. Make your guests scream in horror with your jack-o-lanterns.


Creative Patterns and ideas for carving your pumpkin

Celtic people used turnips to carve lanterns and placed them in their house to show way to good spirits and ward off evil ones. To light the lanterns they used coal. Later, people started using pumpkins to carve lanterns. Carving pumpkins can be done with your family members and is a great way to bond with them. We are providing you with best patterns for carving pumpkins this Halloween and enjoy the holiday with your family.


Traditional ghost patterns

What is Halloween without ghosts? Ghosts and ghouls are a big part of Halloween. May it be a friendly Casper like ghost or a freaky phantom, your porch needs a pumpkin with this ghost pattern. There are many patterns available with ghost images and you can even use stencils to carve your pumpkin. With creepy smile and crooked teeth, this jack-o-lantern pattern will frighten your friends and neighbors. If you don’t want to creep out your neighbors then go with simple jack-o-lantern pattern.


Patterns of mythological creatures and witches

As a child we all believed in mythological creatures like unicorns and dragons. We believed in Santa and Tooth Fairy. But we are all grown now. We think you still have a part of child left in you. To bring it alive, there are patterns with mythological creatures which you can carve out of your pumpkin. Go back to your childhood by using this pattern and have a fun filled Halloween.

Witches were feared by people in the olden days. They were said to cast spells on people to get what they want and bring evil to the land. Pointy hats, black cloaks, flying broomsticks and lengthy fingers are the things which rush into our mind when we think about witches. When we are celebrating a festival filled with mystery and magic like Halloween, then witches cannot be forgotten. You can carve witches along with their broomstick this Halloween with the help of patterns here.


Patterns of famous people and things

You can even go with the faces of people you like to carve out your jack-o-lanterns. Are you a fan of Doctor who? Carve his face on your pumpkin or the image of TARDIS. There are many patterns available which will help you out when you want to carve a famous person’s face. Patterns with characters from your favorite movies like star wars, avengers, game of thrones are all available. You can even find your favorite Disney character carving patterns.


Carve your pumpkin with Halloween words and magic symbols

You can even carve specific words on your pumpkin like candies, trick or treat or any other words. There are many patterns available in this category too. Magic symbols are the ones to go with if you are trying to make your Halloween a mysterious one. Symbols like triangle, pentagram can be carved by using the patterns. They will look perfect on your porch!

Apart from these patterns, there are many available like skulls and skeletons, monstrous spiders, scary zombies and deadly looking creatures. Patterns inspired by graveyards, ghostly castles and tombstones can also be found. You can choose anyone of them for this year’s Halloween. If you don’t want these scary patterns, you can go with patterns inspired by animals, nature and special occasions too. As we said your options are limitless when it comes to pumpkin carving pattern. We believe we have given our best collection of cool pumpkin carving ideas & patterns. We wish you a happy Halloween this year!

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