Coal Minor’s Day in US

Coal Minor’s Day in US : Observed on December 6 every year, Coal Miner’s Day refers to the contributions of miners across the length and breadth of the country. The way these miners have contributed to the U.S economy showcases their extent of sacrifices, selfless struggles they have undergone earns respect from one and all.


No one, absolutely no one would be in doubt, as mining is considered to be a highly dangerous profession. Yes, more so as for the workers, it is like going dangerously close where anything can happen anytime. Yes, many of us would have seen the visuals of these miners working in tunnels with no light and little or no air. There have also been reports of various tragedies in the past. Considering the fact that still, these unshaken national heroes deserve loads of respect for being in such a profession where inspite of having families to support, they seem to risk their lives every day. They have totally contented with an uncertain future.

Coal Minor’s Day in US

Coal Minor’s Day in US
Coal Minor’s Day in US

Laws to protect themselves

Considering the widest possible and increasing levels of danger which these miners are associated with it, there have been laws which are constituted for their health and safety

Yes, the two laws are under as follows:-

  • The Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969
  • The Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977

Even the masses should be sensitized and aware about the exemplary work being done by the miners. Yes, after all don’t we use products which come from the raw materials excavated from mines? Yes, if we take a moment to think about the extent of dangers which these miners go for us, we would realize how difficult their lives are actually, as we take so many things for granted.

They are true patriots who play a heroic role which can’t be undermined for sure.

How can one observe National Miners Day?

The day can sensitize you about the mining history and how the industry is changing with every passing day and year. In this way you can participate in the discussion about the relevance of things which are important for the miners.

There are also additional ways to thank them where you can write a mining documentary about the exemplary work being done by them by visiting a mining museum.

Also, the post will be incomplete without narrating a deadly accident which happened in history on December 6, 1907 in West Virginia. The disaster ended 362 lives of miners and with it, they left crying families who would have never coped up with the mess which was left, due to the same.

Hence, it is important for us to uplift our conscience and work our way by applauding their skills and honor their struggles. We can sensitize others and hopefully our collective voice can reach to the government who can provide better facilities. Likewise, we as a nation are certainly in debt as we continue to get the essential products which are highly needed towards fulfilling the desires of increasing numbers of Americans.

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