Civil Service Day in India

Civil Service Day in India : The civil servants dedicate themselves towards working for the country through the excellence which is shown by their work as the traits in the form of dedication and renewing their commitments matter in achieving the respected position.

This is the day when the achievers are honored as the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration are given.

Civil Services is the area which governs and takes care about the public administration of the country.

Civil Service Day in India

Civil Service Day in India
Civil Service Day in India

How Civil Services got its name?

The word “Civil Service” dates back to the British era when the civilian staff of the British East India Company working in the administrative position was popularly referred as “Public Servants”. Warren Hastings has laid the foundation of these positions and later on with the passing of time, as per the need, more reforms were added by Charles Cornwallis who was later referred as the “Father of Civil Services in India”.

Who all come under the position of Civil Services in India?

There are various positions which are referred as the Civil servants such as the following:-

  • Indian Administrative Services
  • Indian Police Service
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Central Services Group A and B

Such an esteemed position deserves a day and it is none other than April 21st which is dedicated to Civil Service personal for celebrating and remembering their excellent services in terms of the pain and sufferings they have undergone towards reaching the position they are currently in.

The day also marks the set of planning and implementation where they strategize the way they have to work for the coming year in their respective departments.

Reasons for specifying April 21st as National Civil Service Day

The origin of this important day goes back to 1947 when the then Home Minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, in the parliament, inaugurated the All India Services on April 21st.

His words and speech spoke about the vision he had where he strongly narrated about the role which Civil Servants can play in nation building. For the same reason, he didn’t leave any chance to empower them to serve the nation afresh, by leaving all the past incidents aside. His strong and highly motivating choice of words created a positive impact in the minds of the civil servants as he referred to them as being “Steel frame of India”. 

One of the similar functions was held in New Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan which hosted the event on April 21st, 2006. This was the same year, when it was popularly referred to as the National Civil Service Day.


Different objectives marks the Civil Service Day in India

  •         To honor the work which Civil Service officers have been doing for the country
  •         The day also becomes the parameter for Central Government who take this moment to evaluate the performances of different departments which are categorized under Civil services.
  •         The Central Government bestows the award for groups and individuals based on the level of performance
  •         This day marks the proud beginning where mostly all officers of State and Central Governments are given awards by the Prime Minister of India, for their exemplary level of services in the esteemed positions of public administration.

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