Chinese Language Day |History|Facts|Celebration|

Chinese Language Day |History|Facts|Celebration| : Chinese Language Day is celebrated on April 20th, every year. The day is a part of a systematic planning after a detailed thought process done by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) towards promotion of ancient languages. The United Nations made use of Chinese as an official language in the year 1946. A few decades later, in the year 1973, the General Assembly included it as a working language.

Chinese Language Day |History|Facts|Celebration|

Chinese Language Day
Chinese Language Day


12th November, 2010 was the first day which began the process of Chinese Language Day. However, the day was revised to April 20th in 2011 in order to honor Cang Jie who has been a popular figure in ancient China. It is believed that he invented Chinese characters roughly five thousand years ago.


As per the myth Cang Jie consisted of four eyes along with four pupils. During the time when he was busy creating the characters, everyone including ghosts as well as gods started crying and there were millets which were raining from the sky. Hence, in order to pay tribute to Cangjie, Chinese referred to the occasion to name this specific day as Guyu or Rain of Millet. If one refers to the Gregorian calendar date, then the celebration time of the occasion is on or around April 20th.


Chinese at the UN

 Based on the awesome level of utility and functionality which Chinese offer, currently many members in the United Nations are already using it in the form of a full-fledged language. In order to promote it, the members also essay the benefits of this awesome language which it will have on the lives of masses.


Moving further with the basic aim of encouraging multiculturalism and cultural diversity towards promotion of an old language while sensitizing the masses about its history and associated culture. Chinese has become one of the six official languages which the UN and its affiliate organizations promote. Other languages are English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Russian. There is a specific day dedicated to each one of the languages mentioned.

The existence of Chinese language has been there for thousands of years.


Ways to celebrate Chinese Language Day

 What a great way to celebrate this awesome day by learning Chinese? There are online programs as well as college courses which offer a bundle of opportunities for learning the Chinese Language.


Learning the same can help towards boosting your resume and give you greater weightage in your search of a suitable job. Well, it equally helps you to develop connections with various people across the world and see if you can leverage those towards accomplishing your professional duties.


If you already know the language, then you can help others learn this traditionally viable language, so that others can know about the associated history. While celebrating the Chinese Language Day, you can share it with your friends to see how they equally get inspired while asking so many interesting questions about the language and seeing their hunger will equally give you a chance to share and include them in various activities.

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