BSF Raising Day History and Background

BSF Raising Day History and Background :

The prime battling team of India, the BSF (Border Security Force) makes a plethora of sacrifices and showcases their bravery to keep the common populace of the country safe and sound. The hard work and efforts of BSF soldiers are worthy of millions of praises surely. With the same context, we all celebrate BSF Raising Day on 1st December every year. The ceremonies of BSF Raising Day are hosted by the prime minister and a lot of interesting events are presented among them. The theme to celebrate the day may vary every year but the zeal to celebrate the day remains the same no matter how many years pass. Scroll down to explore the history as well as the background of the BSF and its Raising Day. The following paragraphs will define how it all started and get repeated year after year with full enthusiasm and spirit.

BSF Raising Day History

On 1st December 1965, the foundation of BSF was laid by India to combat a war of 1965. The purpose of the Border Security Force is to guard India’s land border whenever there is peace in the country. Also, the force lends a big hand in the prevention of transnational crimes. In every disaster, BSF has worked hard to protect the citizens regardless of caring about the worseness of the crisis. With the sole motto “Duty unto Death”, force serves the nation under the administrative control of the Ministry of Home Affairs. Due to their limitless sacrifices and assistance, they deserve a special day to gather praises from all around like BSF Raising day.

BSF Raising Day History and Background

BSF Raising Day History and Background
BSF Raising Day History and Background

BSF Raising Day Background

BSF is one of the major 5 Central Armed Police Forces of the Indian Union raised to protect the country from its enemies and maintain peace. When counted the border security forces across the whole world, BSF claims to be the largest of them all. It has 185 battalions comprising 2.5 lakh personnel serving the nation. The force not merely has its own air wing, marine wing, and artillery regiment but it also handles the maintenance of its very own Tear Smoke Unit that is responsible for the export of tear gas munitions to the abroad countries. Also, the force has its own camel and dog wing that enables the force to expand its reach into a distinct terrain like the Indo-Pak border. With all its army, the force is always ready to combat natural disasters and handle criminal activities. To greet all the BSF personnel as well as their families, BSF Raising day is celebrated. BSF day celebrations include sports activities along with various cultural events.

It is all about the BSF Raising Day that makes the common populace aware of the efforts of the Border Security Force. Along with this, it gives an opportunity to the force when they get rewards for their hard work. All-in-all, it is a day to cherish the amazing journey of the BSF force and their brave moments that make the country proud.

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