Birthday Wishes For Dad

Birthday Wishes For Dad 🙂 Dad is the most important person in everyone’s  life. They are the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom .They have solutions to almost each and every problem in our life. I am sure this line is made for everyone “My dad is my life“. Just imagine, how happy your Dad/ Father will feel when he will see a bundle of flowers along with gift with beautiful lines, you have written for him. Justquikr ’ve tried to put for you beautiful wordings on  Birthday Wishes For Dad.

So instead of just writing or saying happy birthday dad you can pick the beautiful lines listed below, which are written just for your lovely Dad/Father. To make you feel special , justquikr specially collected and specially written most beautiful wordings to help you celebrate and honour your dad/father on such an incredible important day of his life.

Hopefully you’ll be able to find the exact birthday wish you are looking for! Grab a pen, make a note and feel the happiness.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for DAD
Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for DAD

Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Dad

As human beings, we grow up by imitating the behavior of those around us; that’s how we learn to function in the world. If a Dad is caring and treats people with respect, the young boy will grow up much the same. When a dad is absent, young boys look to other male figures to set the “rules” for how to behave and survive in the world.

Here are some Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Dad written below which will assist you with the best way in expressing your feelings. Scroll down to have a look at Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Dad

Creative Happy Birthday Wishes Thoughts Quotes Lines Messages For Dad


You have always been the most friendly dad in the world. Happy birthday to Dad 🙂


You always make me feel safe and secure with your unconditional love. I want more years to spend with you. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


May the coming years of your life be filled with unlimited happiness and joys. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


You make me feel grateful not only because you are an awesome dad but also because you are a perfect human being. It’s a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


Thank you for being the superman in my life. Happy Birthday Dad 🙂


Dear dad, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are truly an inspiration, a friend and a teacher to all of us, Happy Birthday dad 🙂


I feel truly lucky to have such a loving, caring  father. Wishing you full of pleasant and joyful moments 🙂


While everyone was busy looking for a best friend in high school and later on I felt I have you; thanks for making me feel like that! Happy birthday dad 🙂


Happy birthday dad! I wish nothing but absolute best for you as this is what you truly deserve! Proud to call myself your son 🙂


You have been there for me since the day I was born; I want you to be there for me till my last breath! I love you daddy, thanks for always believing in me 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

Happy Birthday Wishes for dad


Thanks for making all the sacrifices silently and working hard all day& night just to get us a better life, you are one of the most important persons in my life! I love you, happy birthday dad 🙂


I know I have never been the perfect kid for you, but you should know that you have always been the perfect dad for me! Happy Birthday my Dad 🙂


There can be no better  than this to let you know how grateful I am to you for always showing me the right way in life. Happy birthday dad 🙂


I don’t need to fulfil my wishes in life, because I have my dad. Happy birthday Dad. I’m proud to be your son 🙂


You are the source of my courage and encouragement. I don’t ever feel hopeless in life because I know you are always there to hold me up. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


You have given me life, love, and laughter. What else I can wish for. Happy birthday to the most lovable dad in the world 🙂


You mean everything to me. Without you, I could never be the person I am today. Thank you, dad! Happy birthday 🙂


You are my true hero! Thanks for my friend rather than just being my dad! Happy birthday 🙂


Happy birthday to the most caring and supportive father out there, I know you are always here for me just like how I’m here for you 🙂


Happiest birthday to the most handsome and kind hearted man my dad  🙂


Creative Happy Birthday Wishing Cake Status Images For Dad


Happy birthday, dad! I hope and wish every day to become half as amazing dad as you are! Thanks for believing in me and being there for me! Hope you have a great day 🙂


To me, you are a superhero who can do the impossible but just can’t figure out who stole the money from his wallet. You are just too cute! Happy birthday, father 🙂


Dear dad, mom would be so angry if I told her half of my friends have a crush on you. You look so young and handsome even at this age. Happy birthday 🙂


Happy birthday to my cool dad! God bless you 🙂 Stay Happy always


For my sweet Dad. Happy Birthday Cheers 🙂


When I am in need of love and support my dad right there for me. Thank you for everything and happy birthday Dad 🙂


I wish you a very Happy Birthday Dad 🙂 Stay Healthy always


Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad Birthday Wishes For Dad


You have been a real father who truly loves me with all your heart. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


You are my teacher, my friend and my everyday inspiration. You are more than great! Happy Birthday Dad 🙂


You are not a classic Dad to me, you are something I cannot describe with words, you are my everything! Happy birthday my sweet Dad 🙂


I loved sharing my dreams and crazy ideas with you. Happy birthday Dad 🙂


Happy Birthday to the most amazing Dad in the world. Stay cool stay fantastic 🙂


You helped make me who I am. Have a wonderful birthday Dad 🙂


You have taught me to never give up & how to deal with the world. Happy Birthday Dad 🙂


Today we pray to god to fill your life with love and happiness. Happy Birthday Dad 🙂


Happy birthday, Papa, I love you more than ice cream, because you are so sweet 🙂


You’ve always been my inspiration and encouragement, I am what I am today because of you, happy birthday daddy, greater and many more years are my wishes for U. Happy birthday dad from daughter 🙂


Happy birthday to the World’s Best Dad! Stay Blessed DAD 🙂


Every awesome dad deserves to have an amazing birthday, and more 🙂 Happy birthday Father 🙂


Growing up, I always admired your awards. Today, I have to say that you deserve the Best Dad in the World award for all that U do. Have a happy birthday, Dad. You deserve the best 🙂


Happy Birthday Funny Wishes Memes and Images for Dad


Happy Birthday Father, Loving wishes for the most amazing Father in the world! Stay fantastic 🙂


Dear dad, thank you for always being there for us without getting in the way of the decisions we make in life. May U have many more birthdays to come, Happy Birthday Father 🙂


When I was born, you thought you were lucky. Turns out, I was the lucky one to have you as a dad! Happy Birthday Father 🙂


If you’ve taught me anything in life, it’s to never give up! Thanks for never giving up on me 🙂 Happy Birthday Father!


I feel as lucky as can be, because the world’s best father belongs to me! Happy Birthday Father 🙂


It’s a good thing that U don’t get a trophy for each great accomplishment because you’d be out of space 🙂 Happy Birthday to the best Father!


Here’s a fun fact—no, not that you’re getting older. Just that you’re starting to look even funnier. Here’s to more bad jokes and a happy birthday to U Father 😉


My dearest Father, I know today is your birthday, but it’s not a real holiday so I’m not too excited about it. Just kidding 😉 Happy birthday on this very important day to a very important man 🙂


Dear dad, thank you for always being there for us without getting in the way of the decisions we make in life. May U have many more birthdays to come, Happy Birthday Father 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for FATHER Happy Birthday Funny Wishes Memes and Images for Dad


I’ve been thinking since yesterday on what to write in a funny birthday message for U. . . but I couldn’t think anything funny 🙂 Happy birthday to my father 🙂


You mean the world to me. On your birthday, I wish you a world of happiness, hope and a life filled with blessings 🙂


The past is a road map for the future. You have accomplished so much in so little time; I see a future full of promise for you. Have a wonderful Birthday Father 🙂


Sending you many happy wishes today. Wishing you another year of growth, prosperity, peace and great joy. Happy Birthday to My Father 🙂


Birthday greetings to my everything. I hope the past year has brought U peace, joy and comfort, and I’m praying the same for you in the year to come. Happy birthday to my Father 🙂


Dear Father, I hope you know how much you really mean to me. Thank you so much for everything, Happiest Birthday!


Happy birthday daddy. Daddy, thank you for all the guidance and the support you have given me all throughout these years. You certainly made life so much easier for me to live 🙂


Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for FATHER Happy Birthday Wishes Messages for Dad


Happy Birthday Father, Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy 🙂


Happy Birthday to my special Father, you have always been someone that I love to admire, trust, and love with all the heart. I hope you have the best birthday Father 🙂


Happy Birthday to my awesome Father that i love dearly, you have spent so much time taking care of others throughout your life . Today on your birthday, dad make sure to take this day to do the things that make you Happy and Bring you joy 🙂


To my loving father! As each year passes, I come to realize just how lucky i am, to have a wonderful father like you. You will always hold a special place in my heart, Father 🙂 Hope your birthday is a good one! Happy Birthday my Father 🙂


Happy Birthday Shayari Greetings Saying SMS and Images for Dad


Happy Birthday Father! Hooray, it is your birthday today! Wishing you a day that is as spectacular as you are 😉


You have always been the most supportive and friendly father in the world 🙂 Happy birthday to you. you are truly one of a kind!


No gift can ever match the gift of love and affection you have given me all these years 🙂 Happy Birthday Father.


Happy Birthday to my cool dad. Its your special day. Let’s celebrate, another year older, but you are still a rock star 😉 in my eyes!


Happy Birthday dear Father, it is time to celebrate all that makes you so very special. Wishing you a birthday that is as wonderful as you are Love you 🙂


Happy Birthday to my wonderful father, you are such a caring and thoughtful father and i love you with all my heart. Have a great birthday celebration. You truly deserve it 🙂


Happy Birthday may every day bring something new and exciting for you, May your birthday turn out to be as nice as you are 🙂


You helped make me who I am! Happy Birthday Father 🙂


Dear, dad, you have truly been the driving force and best example to follow. Wishing you many happy returns of the day 🙂

Daddy, on your birthday, I want you to know that you are really an inspiration, a teacher, and a friend to all of us. Happy Birthday 🙂


Har din se pyara lagata hai hamen ye khas din ,

ham jise bitana nahin chahate aap bin ,

vaise to dil deta hai sada hi dua apako ,

phir bhi kahate hai mubarak ho janmadin apako 🙂


Dua mangte hai ye bhagavan se,

apni saari khushi dete hai aapko inam ke roop me,

sab sapne pure ho aapke aur aapki khushi kabhi apse ,

door na ho janmadin mubarak ho 🙂


Itani si meri dua qabool ho jaye,

ki teri har dua qabool ho jaye,

tujhe mile janmadin par laakhon khushiyan,

aur jo tum chaho rab se,

vo pal bhar mein manzoor ho jaye 🙂


Suraj ki roshani aapki pahechan bane,

phulo ki kaliya aapki muskan bane,

gam na aaye kabhi aapke paas ki khushiyan,

aapki itani badi maheman bane 🙂


Khuda kre ki yeh din

Waar waar aata rhe,

Aur apne saath khushi ka

Khzana laata rhe,

Happy birthday 🙂


Suraj ki kirne tej de aapko,

Khilte huye phool khushboo de aapko,

Hum jo denge wo bhi km hoga,

Dene wala zindagi ki har khushi de aapko,

Janamdin mubarak 🙂


AAsmaan ki bulandiyon par naam ho aapka,

Chand ki dharti par mukaam ho aapka,

Hum to rehte hai choti si duniyan mein,

Par khuda kre saara jahan ho aapka,

Happy birthday 🙂


Hasi aapki koi chura na paaye,

Aapko koi kabhi rula na paaye,

Khushiyon ka deep aise jale zindagi mein,

ki koi tufaan bhi use mita na paaye.

Happy birthday 🙂


Sajti rhe khushiyon ki mehfil,

Har khushi aapki deewani rhe,

Aap zindagi mein itni khush rhe,

Ki har khushi aapki deewani rhe.

Happy birthday 🙂


Khuda buri nazar se bachaye aapko,

Chaand sitaro se sajaye aapko,

Gum kya hota hai yeh bhool hi jao,

Khuda zindagi mein itna hasaye aapko.

Happy birthday 🙂


Keep smiling and enjoy reading Birthday Wishes For Dad.

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