Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Special Unique Wishes and Messages For Boyfriend

Having a boyfriend is like sharing half of the love and sorrow with one whom you trust, who is like a world to you. Boyfriend’s Charming Eye and Face are the first attraction inside you, but the most loving thing girlfriend like inside boyfriend is his heart.

I am sure your Boyfriend will feel privileged and happy when he will see a gift with beautiful wordings from you.

Justquikr ’ve tried to put for you beautiful wordings on  Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend/BF. So instead of just writing or saying happy birthday love,just pick up beautiful lines , which are written just for lovebirds.

To make you feel special , justquikr specially collected and specially written most beautiful wordings to help you celebrate and honor your Boyfriend/BF on such an incredible important day of his life. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the exact birthday wish you are looking for!


Boyfriend Birthday Wishes


1. On ur special day I wish to thnk U for supporting and encouraging me, for making me laugh and feel loved. Happy Birthday to my love!


2. The warmest bday wishes to my adorable boyfriend! I feel so happy when u are next to me, honey, I wish you the most amazing special day that you will always remember!


3. There is nothing cozier than cuddling up to a nice warm fire on a cold snowy day. Well, unless it’s cuddling up to u on ur birthday!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!


4. Guys should learn frm u that what being a boyfriend is really all about. Happy birthday Dear, I Love You!.


5. This greeting is for my knight in shining armor. You protect me, you love me. I am your princess, here to wish you a happy, and beloved birthday.


6. I want to thank your parents that they bring you in this world for me. Happy Birthday my one and only!!


7.  Happy Birthday to my own special guy. I love you so much!


8. I am so thankful to have a boyfriend that’s as warm, compassionate, and understanding as you are to me. Happy birthday to the man I love!


9. I have the hottest boyfriend in town. Thanks for making all the girls jealous. Happy Birthday, bf! Ur Arms are like my home where I get the peace and strength to live. Happy Birthday to the person who is full of comforts.


10. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a boyfrnd like u. Same pinch, because you are the luckiest boyfriend in the world to have a girlfriend like me. Happy bday!


Happy Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Special Unique Wishes and Messages For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Special Unique Wishes and Messages For Boyfriend

11. There are no words I could use to describe the luv we share. I am so incredibly thankful for u. Happy Birthday!


12. May our luv grow longer and longer as this life is not enough for its prosperity. I wish u a very happy birthday. May you live a very happy life.


15. Happy Birthday to the man that I wish to hold forever in my heart.


16. To the most handsome birthday boy, you have a quiet strength that makes my heart sing. I luv u! Let us cherish our time together.


17. It might seem like a usual night sky tonight. In fact, the stars align to say “Happy Birthday”.


18. When I luk at u lately, I realize we really are growing old together. A dream come true. Happy Birthday!


19. You r the person who filled my life with luv, care, and happiness. Same as Sun fill the earth with Light. Happy B.DAY!


20. The way u luk at me, I feel shy where I can hide myself. This is the intense feelings I feel about you. You are my love of life. Wishing you the fabulous birthday, my dear boyfriend.


Romantic Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Special Unique Wishes and Messages For Boyfriend
Happy Birthday Special Unique Wishes and Messages For Boyfriend

21. When it cums to boyfrnds, u have it all. You’re handsome, smart, funny, strong, and incredibly sweet. May u have a birthday that’s as awesome as you are!


22. U get more handsome every day. Believe me! Would I ever lie to u on your birthday? Happy Birthday Love!


23. Happy birthday to the guy who has always been my heartthrob and heartbeat, never my heartbreak or heartache, I Love You So Much!


24. Happy birthday to the best man in the world.


25. I am making your sweeter by coating me on it. For the world, you may be 1 man but for me, you are my world. Happy Birthday wishes to my boyfriend!!


26. I might annoy u, fight with u, argue u and cancel the plan last minute. But know that none makes me feel home like u do. This birthday, I just want to thank u for being u! Happy birthday luv!


27. When u are busy reading ur birthday messages let me cover ur face with kisses. Happy Birthday To My Boyfriend!!


28. Happy Birthday to the cutest and best boyfriend without whom I can never imagine my life full of so much luv and happiness!


29. The most luving birthday wishes to my amazing boyfriend, who is always there for me, who listens to me and calms me.


30. I started dating u because I thought that u were a good looking catch. Now my thoughts have changed, and I think that we are the perfect match. Happy Birthday Dear!


Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend


31. Your special luv has made me realize how beautiful life can be! U are the best thing ever happened to me. Happy birthday luv!


32. Happy birthday to the man who rocks my world, I love you so much baby!


33. You are my home away from home! U are my lifeline. I luv u boy, like a crazy lovely girlfriend. U have driven me crazy. Happy birthday!


34. Even after a long time together, you have not changed and I still love the way your eyes would wrinkle at the sides whenever you smile, Happy Birthday!


35. On this day, I beg God for a cute boyfrnd like u in my every coming 100s lives. Happy Birthday dear!!


36. You are my one and only Superman, my cosmic Spiderman, ultra strong Ironman! Happy Birthday, my luv.


37. There are good days and there are bad days. Every day with u is not a good day, it’s the best day ever, especially ur birthday.


38. It’s always a treat to wish Happy Birthday 2 someone as sweet as you.


39. Sending you an ocean of love on your special day! May your bday be as cool and cheerful as u are!


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