Best Good Sleeping Position for Gas Relief

Best Good Sleeping Position for Gas Relief :

Are you really feeling uneasy due to a heavy stomach which is literally giving you nightmares just before going to bed?

If yes, then you aren’t alone. Mostly, people experience the problem of gas, as it has been one such common issue especially after dinner.

Best Good Sleeping Position for Gas Relief

Best Good Sleeping Position for Gas Relief
Best Good Sleeping Position for Gas Relief

It has become obvious where people are searching online about the best sleeping position for gas relief:-


Best Sleeping Position for Gas

It is a nightmare to go to sleep right after experiencing a ‘bloated’ body. Yes, exactly as you can’t possibly think of sleeping soundly. However, in order to ensure peaceful sleep, your body needs to be in a position which allows a natural process of digestion.

Amongst so many bodily functions which continue naturally without waiting for our command, ‘Digestive system’ is one of them. There is a natural function which starts once we munch something and in short our ‘brain’ and ‘stomach’ aren’t really connected. But, your little effort in choosing the sleeping position can help the process of digestion in a better manner. For example, sleeping on the left side helps the body to pass gas out from the body by speedily ensuring the process of digestion.


On your left side

Sleeping on the left side is one such ideal, preferable and recommended position which improves digestion by keeping a wonderful system in check that is through the digestive tract. This removes the possibility of building gas inside. While sleeping on the left side, it gets additional help naturally due to gravity that is allowing food to move to colon from small intestine. At this moment, it frees the waste movement, thus ending the possibility of gas accumulation. For those who are slightly new to this position, you can take the help of pillow by placing it between the knees. This will give your spine a natural alignment while removing any danger from pressure areas. You can slightly bring the position of knees closer to your chest (not excessively close) for improving the digestion.  Now there won’t be the possibility of heartburn at night.


Avoid sleeping on right side

While you eat the food, the entire inner portion of your stomach is somewhat zig zag where the food first moves to the small intestine from stomach, then to large intestine. Between the small and large intestine, there is a valve on the lower right side. Now, if you somehow un-intentionally sleep on the right side, the value fails to work to its optimum since it gets pressed. Thus, it prevents the entry of the newly processed food or gas, thus giving you a gassy sensation like feeling or you feel like having a heavy stomach. Hence, it is important and recommended to lie on the left side, as it freely allows its natural process to take place without any hiccups.


On the supine position

When the problem of gas worries you, then you desire to control it with more than one sleeping position. Rightly so, it isn’t possible to sleep just by sticking with one. So you can additionally sleep on your back to minimize the effects of gas. Elevate your head by a few inches for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.


Get a quality and durable mattress

Most of the mattresses don’t have utmost support for the spine, they create an ‘unfortunate’ curve and sleeping in the same does no good. So, in order to avoid repercussions and to minimize the pressure points, place a pillow under your knees and thighs and slightly raise your legs. This ensures that the back is in a flat position against the mattress. This distributes the weight of the body in an even manner much to your comfort.  Therefore, you can sleep peacefully by helping yourself with digestion.


The most obvious answer for people who experience stomach bloating is to sleep. The food particles when chewed become smaller in nature and on going inside are reduced to molecular form. This is the phase when there is a release of gasses namely hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide which has to be immediately moved out from the body. So, a good amount of comfortable sleep is the answer to end the problem of bloating, especially that of eight hours of sleep. Since, the body regularly works on the process of digestion and since there is no additional pressure of food intake during this course of time, so bloating subsides.


Tips to care

  • Isn’t it terrifying to experience sudden pain in the belly and you are like “OMG, what should I do now”?
  • Does the condition of a bloated stomach after dinner worry you, since it is time to sleep?

If yes, then you aren’t alone who experience the problem of gas. There are many like you who either burp or fart in between the day. If you think that the problem of gas aggravates further with age, then you should realize that it is the diet which is the biggest culprit.

Stick with pre-sleeping habits

Do you know what is that?. Eat at least two hours before you head to bed. Additionally, refrain yourself from eating unhealthy food such as ‘spicy’ or ‘oily’ food that is a perfect medium to give you nightmares, since it is difficult for the body system to be digested.

Maintain a healthy eating habit

In today’s age with fast paced life and back-to-back itineraries, we literally have become slaves to situations and unfortunately, our unhealthy eating habits are the most obvious sacrifice which we have made.

Chew food properly

Try to chew food slowly and not just gulp it. The morsel should be properly chewed and salivated so that when it goes inside, it is easy for the body to undergo the process of digestion.


Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading the aforesaid post on the best sleeping position for gas relief, you know that you are now more sensitized and dutiful towards your body. You can adopt a far more confident approach towards dealing with the issue, since health is wealth and what matters is your accountability.


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