Best Good Sleeping Position for Flat Tummy

Best Good Sleeping Position for Flat Tummy :

It is very easy to define

“What’s considered a Good Night sleep”


  • The one where you aren’t jolted by irritants such as cough, or mosquito bites or snoring from your friends.


  • You get up in the morning without body stiffness or aches


In short, you don’t have to wait anxiously and endlessly to catch few hours of sleep right from the time you hit the bed. Mostly, the above instances are relatable, as a good night’s sleep is at par with how knowledgeable you are in eating healthy and doing exercises and ofcourse knowing about the best sleeping position for flat tummy. Now no more dark circles below the eyes or frequent headaches affecting your professional or personal life. While poor sleep mostly results in obesity, however, adequate and quality sleep, work wonders in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Best Good Sleeping Position for Flat Tummy

Best Good Sleeping Position for Flat Tummy
Best Good Sleeping Position for Flat Tummy

Therefore, let’s now take a look at the positions you should adopt while sleeping


Lying on your stomach

It is easy for many to sleep on their stomach and check themselves whether they feel comfortable in the same. Even researchers have given their positive reaction about it, since this position helps the individual to minimize the bulging tummy. How? Well, when the person is lying on stomach, the weight of the body naturally rests on the tummy. Even the back portion exerts pressure on the front (tummy). Initially, people may find discomfort but sooner they will hold it longer which bring a healthy change. Hence, as this exercise is followed diligently, it minimizes the chance of accumulation of fat. Yes, moreover, it also sensitizes the people about how cautious they have to be towards eradicating excessive weight to live a healthy life. This position also motivates them to have a healthy personality.


Things to take care:-

  • While sleeping on stomach, support your head and neck with a pillow for avoiding strain and body pain in the upper portion of the body


  • Don’t sleep for the whole night in the prone position since, it is not advisable. Sleeping for a couple of hours upto a maximum of four hours is fine.


  • Change to side position as well. This will create a mix of beneficial characteristics by ensuring proper flow of blood, ensuring smooth breathing and avoiding tightness of chest. This goes without saying that your body actually needs ‘change’ for proper sleep.


  • In the case, when you are actually not habitual of sleeping on your stomach, then lying for a few minutes may substitute. Begin practicing the same, until you lengthen the time gradually.


Is there any substitute for the position?

Considering the most obvious and highly exposed body part is your bulging tummy. Hence, losing belly is by far the toughest job, so naturally needs consistent care and motivation in your process of losing weight. Although, sleeping on stomach is such a position where many may not feel comfortable in the long run. Even though they badly need to lose their tummy fat, yet they should atleast practice for few minutes initially. It is true that considering the nature of the aforesaid position, few may experience problems. Yes, talking about substitutes, there’s the following:-


Sleeping on the back

When people lie on their back, they should also realize that they can actually lose their tummy fat. This position doesn’t demand much efforts from you and hence it becomes quite friendly and preferable as well.


This position is relatively easy. So, how to go about it? Well, let’s now take a look:-


Although, sleeping on the back is slightly less effective when compared with sleeping on stomach, yet it does have its own beauty. Since, it also allows creating pressure on the tummy.


Following are the instructions to adopt in this position:-


You require

  • A large towel


Roll it down in such a fashion that it looks like a tube.  Right after placing it under your head, then run all the way down till your torso. Make sure that your head is straight and the toes of your legs should touch each other. In between the whole exercise, outstretch your arms.


One can easily follow and practice regularly. You just have to devote 5 minutes before sleeping in order to ensure a positive change in life.


Another one of the things which matters at the end of the day is how comfortably you sleep. Since, there is a natural fat burning process during sleep. Surprisingly, the process is way faster than it does when you aren’t sleeping. So, get a comfortable sleep, since you are near towards achieving a healthy life and body.


Things to take care:-

  • While sleeping at the back, place a pillow under your knees as this removes pressure from lower back and stomach
  • In case, if the back position is not to your taste, at least start practicing initially for a few minutes. This will help you to be favorable.
  • If you have a history of breathing issues or experience an utter problem while inhaling or exhaling, then it is important to elevate your head and torso. This by far creates a comfortable sleep without obstructing your breathing.
  • Get in touch with a doctor who can better prescribe you with regards to the possible changes you want to undergo.


Tip to Adhere

 Now, you realize that weight loss is also based on how careful and knowledgeable you are in promoting a healthy sleep. So, once you adopt strategies you automatically come near to adopting a healthy approach towards life as weight loss besides exercising and dieting is also based on your specific sleeping positions.


Final Thoughts

Love your body, since you deserve a healthy life and body and once you become motivated then even the hardest thing is achievable. No amount of words can justify your feeling when you realize that you are losing belly fat, in short as you see ‘slimmer belly’. Achieving a positive and healthy outcome is going to be the best decision for you. Yes, more so as in such a world with jam packed schedule and overloaded information, we can’t easily connect with the right one. However, now after reading the post you will feel a sense of empowerment for knowing the best sleeping position for flat tummy. Let’s now create a healthy world.

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