Best Good Sleeping Position for Covid at Home

Best Sleeping Position for Covid at Home :

Covid has created an eerie tension amongst the people who are now more sensitized towards their health and are looking for ways not to compromise on their health. Yes, exactly people realize the need to increase their immunity power so as to fight against the diseases, seasonal ailments or in general ward off any infections in the strongest possible manner. In view of Covid and the sensitization followed after that, people are rightly searching for the best sleeping position for Covid at home. Let’s now take a look in detail:-

Best Sleeping Position for Covid at home

Best Good Sleeping Position for Covid at Home
Best Good Sleeping Position for Covid at Home

Are you looking to sensitize yourself about the proper sleeping posture for Covid at home?

If yes, then Prone position is the most obvious and natural mechanism.

What is a prone position?

This is the position where the person lies on the stomach. The position empowers the person to breath easily and this action understandably boosts the oxygen level towards bettering their health and to ensure peaceful sleep.

How prone position works best?

When you are experiencing Covid, then medically it is advisable to lie on your belly as during this position, the lungs functions to their optimum. Since, mostly, lung tissues are closer to the back with respect to the front. So, if you happen to lie down on your back, then it pressurizes lung tissue which necessitates the lungs to work harder. As the small air sacs are pressurized to work even more to inflate so the breathing becomes comparably more difficult, so eventually if unchecked, it can cause serious issues.

Now, the whole scenario for the lungs changes, when the individual sleeps on the belly. Hence, lying on the belly freely empowers the lungs to perform to its fullest. Hence, there is a more intake of oxygen into the lungs which minimizes the lungs related injury. The lungs are feely able to perform to its fullest as they aren’t surrounded with fluids. Since, the lungs in this position don’t have dependency for the amount of fluids. So, the air sacs in the lungs can freely inflate while lying in the belly position.

How you can better use prone position in your favor

There are 5-7 pillows which one may require for the same. For a greater level of comfort and ease, use a pillow right under the pressure points, such as one below the neck and a couple of pillows under the chest. Similarly, in the lower body portion, comfort your thighs and shins with the pillows for aligning the body in a straight mode. See, the pillows have an awesome comfort level, and you can timely change the positions of pillows based at your ease.

You can similarly change positions to sleeping on your right side or left side for a certain time, then back to prone position. This will give your ‘still’ body required positions to move and you can spend a big chunk of time sleeping in a prone position.


Comfort is important and so is restorative sleep, since then only the body heals.

Timely intervention is important for saving the lives of patients and when considering the best sleeping position for Covid at home, then it is improving the lives of people.


Other steps to increase level of oxygen

Now, it is clear that the best sleeping position for Covid at home is the one where a person ensures an easy breathing. Now, similarly, make sure to do the following:-

  • The room should be ventilated with fresh air.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take food rich in iron along
  • Do light exercises.
  • Wear loose clothing for comfort.

How does the significance of proning position become more of late?

The need and importance of proning has become rightly obvious especially after the second wave which has created an alarming death toll. The scenario of the immense pressure on hospitals for treating the patients and the loss of loved ones is still fresh in the minds of everyone. Hence, the significance of proning has become way more of late, as it helps people to have a healthy sleep by getting the right amount of oxygen supply needed by the body.

 Situations when proning is a ‘No’?

  • Not for expecting mothers – It is strictly not advised for pregnant women to undergo proning, that is lying on the stomach.
  • Not for people with fracture in femur or pelvic- Similarly, if the person is facing certain other bodily issues relating with fracture in femur or pelvic, unstable spine, cardiac condition etc then the same position is not recommended for people
  • Don’t use proning position shortly after meal- It is important not to use the position immediately after having a meal. Atleast give 1-2 hours and then rest on your belly.  You can use pillows to your advantage for enhancing the level of comfort. In short, all that matters is the comfort level of the patient to be in the position. Longer the person is in the prone position, better it is.

One should be careful regarding the pressure points and don’t ignore any injuries or sores arising for that matter in any part of the body.


Final Thoughts

Finally, after reading the above post regarding the best sleeping position for Covid at home, you know that prone position improves gas exchange by opening the alveolar units, thus ensuring an easy breathing. So, when the person experiences an easy breathing, then he/she naturally finds the required calmness and comfort needed for a restorative sleep. Now, heal your body while you get a comfortable good night sleep as you know you have just found out a healthy mechanism. Recover yourself and have a healthy mind and body so that gradually your immunity can further work to your favor. So that your body develops a protective shield against the infections and seasonal diseases while you live a healthy life. After all, prone position needs little or no effort for a healthy beginning, you just need to sensitize yourself and that’s it.


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