Best Good Sleeping Position for Chest Congestion

Best Good Sleeping Position for Chest Congestion : There are many who due to their history of ailments are quite prone to get chest infection during winters or even in a slight weather change. It is such an irritating phase where a big chunk of mucus is accumulated in the chest but no matter how hard you cough, it won’t come out. Chest infection happens due to many factors, while primarily common cold and flu are the most important ones. All of us like to sleep at certain positions just because we feel comfortable in the same. So, purely it becomes our personal choice. However, we should also know that when it comes to dealing with chest congestion, then we have to make certain adjustments. There are various home based remedies which minimize the effect such as taking hot steam, medication and of course knowing the best sleeping position for chest congestion.

Best Good Sleeping Position for Chest Congestion

Best Good Sleeping Position for Chest Congestion
Best Good Sleeping Position for Chest Congestion

Let’s now take a look at them:-

Elevate your head

It is so easy to understand now-a-days that one of the most obvious causes of poor sleep can be due to frequent ‘coughing’. Right? Since, it has the power to literally shake us from deep sleep, much to our discomfort. There are two sleeping positions

  •         Sleeping on the back side
  •         Sleeping on sides

While following on either of them, mucus starts to accumulate on the throat and it is the result of cough. Now, you can conveniently elevate the head with the help of pillows. Secondly, you can use a wedge which raises the neck and head. In case your head isn’t elevated while lying at the back, the mucus will simply accumulate at the throat’s back. So, be mindful. Sleeping on the back with an elevated head is preferred though.

Tip to adhere

Don’t raise the level too high, that it results in creating discomfort to the neck followed by neck pain.


Remove irritants from the house

Do you know that irritants further heighten the symptoms of chest congestion? Yes and your quest to have a peaceful sleep can only be completed when you eliminate all sorts of irritants which can potentially make a big issue out of nothing. There are few of the easy steps which you can take really quickly to be on the safe side. Follow below tips:-

  •         Don’t allow your pets into your bedroom. Even though it is hard to be away from them, but you should realize that it can heighten the chance further.
  •         Similarly, other aspects in the form of dust, chemicals or air pollution can further aggravate the problem. So, periodically clean the bed sheet and watch for dust on curtains. They need to be washed regularly as well. The air filters of air conditioners should be cleaned too.

Reason for cough as per the science-based theory

Before moving further let me tell you that around 30 million people visit the doctor every year due to coughing related issues. There is a ‘God-Gifted’ mechanism where our body goes overboard to safeguard ourselves from issues of chest congestion. The obvious factor is to cough which removes mucus and foreign objects from the chest, lungs and windpipe. Situation slightly changes during the night. One can easily relate the basic methodology which is based on ‘science’ that is ‘Law of gravity’. The reason for people to cough while lying down is that mucus begins to accumulate in your throat, and ‘coughing’ is an instant and natural method to keep mucus out.  Hence, it is due to this fact that one experiences an easy breathing while sitting. So, be very mindful of following a strict regimen so that you can experience a comfortable sleep at night.

Hence, considering the severity and the extreme discomfort which chest infection brings, it is equally important to know a few other remedial steps.


Consume Honey

Honey is a safer substitute before bedtime to reduce the severity of respiratory infection. It is a far better option for everyone including children than taking ‘over the counter’ medicine. Since, honey is regarded to have medicinal properties such as being antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Drink warm liquid

Have warm milk as it helps to give an easy way for people to breathe by minimizing running nose, cough and sneezing. It has the ability to clear nasal congestion

It also helps to keep the body warm and people experienced that their ‘throats’ are not as sore as they were before.  Hence, one can experience relief in the symptoms. Since, nothing can be more irritating than trying to cough the hardest due to chest congestion. It literally feels like a nightmare, you want to get over in the quickest possible manner


Try a Nasal Decongestant

They open the nasal passage while targeting the blood vessels and in turn reduce coughing during night. You can try them for treatment but they have mixed results. They can also have side effects.

Talk to a doctor

The cough related symptoms are for a short period of time like a week to ten days. However, don’t shy from visiting a doctor, if they last beyond the same. It is important to have a healthy life where your immunity should discard ailments. Since, nothing can compensate the body which badly needs rest to recuperate itself. Even the slightest of body issues such as itching hampers our sleep.


Final Thoughts

Getting proper sleep is important and one can improve quality sleep through correct sleeping posture. It helps to promote a healthy body so that you can have a healthy mind as well.  Additionally, the post also mentions other remedial tips with how one can lessen the symptoms for a comfortable sleep. In short, it creates positivity and healthy well-being to take on the challenges of the next day actively. The reality of having an energetic life for an individual is to get comfortable rest at night. Even you don’t have to be jolted with a sudden cough in the middle of your restful sleep. Since, the above post suggests you with the best sleeping position for chest congestion. Hopefully, the post has helped you with ‘pin-pointed’ and ‘specific information’ for a healthy development of not just body, but mind too.


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