Best Good Sleeping Position for Baby after Feeding

Best Good Sleeping Position for Baby after Feeding : Babies due to their fragile bodies need ‘special’ and ‘timely’ care. Yes, they demand regular and obvious watchful eyes from their guardians who are experienced and know how to deal with situations best needed for grooming the baby. After all, babies can’t speak; they can only react through their body movements like mostly crying, while at times laughing at our sweet gestures. Our responsibility becomes even more to comprehend the situation before turning ugly. Unlike grown-ups who can easily change sides all by themselves, it is not simple for babies whose fragile bodies and hapless situations further make the situation tricky. More so, after feeding, there is a typical problem of gas which makes the matters challenging and problematic. After all, gas problems in babies pose a universal challenge as their digestive systems are in the process of being developed.

Best Good Sleeping Position for Baby after Feeding

Best Good Sleeping Position for Baby after Feeding
Best Good Sleeping Position for Baby after Feeding

So, if your baby experiences a challenge to sleep due to stomach pain, resulting in trapped gas, then don’t worry. The following post shares the best sleeping position for baby after feeding:-

Sleeping on back

Babies are insensitive as they need our timely care and round the clock supervision. The only recommended position for the babies is sleeping on the back. This by far becomes the ideally important and suggested position. It also speaks a lot about how caring and dutiful as a guardian you are, in order to safeguard your baby. Yes, no words of happiness can define that your baby is sleeping soundly and safely and supine position (sleeping on back) becomes an important criteria to add on the amount of safety and security for the baby.

Why sleeping on back is important

There have been various evidences which strengthen the belief regarding how babies sleeping on their back minimize the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You need to continue with the same position. This position helps the babies to breathe easily and lessen the chance of choking (with respect to other positions). In medical terms, it is easy to understand that during this position, since the trachea lies on top of the esophagus, which makes it impossible to vomit or spit from the esophagus back into the trachea causing any danger.

Few important suggestions to follow:-

  • Always place your cute little baby on the back to sleep. The only exception is when the doctor advised otherwise in view of any medical reasons
  • The babies who sleep on sides or on their front have a far greater chance of getting SIDS. So be mindful of regularly watching their actions and saving them from all sorts of unforeseen circumstances.

What to do when the baby rolls onto their tummy

When the babies can come in front on their own, so as a part of being dutiful and watchful parents, gently turn them back. They are more likely to change positions when awake, but even in sleep they may change positions too. As the babies start to grow, you will realize that they turn to the front and back by themselves. You can give them certain space and time to play on their tummy (under your specialized guidance) for boosting their overall development. But, ensure that you constantly monitor them while they are in front. They should only be allowed for a short period of time, as babies receive less oxygen and exhale less carbon dioxide. The infants find it a challenge to breathe while in this position. Additionally, there is always the danger of SIDS where babies in the past have lost their life due to suffocation. So, in order to be on a safer side, one shouldn’t let babies sleep on their tummy. But the best thing is that, as they can start rolling over all, they are likely to reposition themselves too.


Seeing your baby crawling down to you after you come from office is a sight to behold. But hey you know what? That can happen when you have been careful through these months and created a safe environment for their upbringing. It is due this reason; side sleeping for babies is a big ‘No’. The reason why it is often referred to as a fetal position is because it opens the gateway for the baby to roll onto the stomach. There has been almost half of the death which are caused in tummy position. It is a misconception that by using rolled cloth or pillow can prevent babies from rolling over their tummy. Well, they in itself pose as a risk of suffocation or entangle the babies altogether. So, one can easily sense the extent of danger.

Tip to Adhere:-

When a baby is born and it is not just the beginning of happiness which literally creates a certain activity in the house for the coming months or years, it is also fulfilling the responsibilities of a baby. There are three prime areas which need immediate care:-

  • Take extra care of how baby sleeps
  • Their time and frequency of feeding
  • Their basic requirement of hygiene

The guardians who have essayed the role well are the happiest considering the responsible upbringing of their newborn.


Final Thoughts

After reading the aforesaid best sleeping position for the baby after feeding, you know the importance of dealing with the weak body of the baby, who is fully dependent on you round the clock. Your role becomes even more considering the rising cases of eventualities which necessitates you to be more sensitized. Do consult a pediatrician if you happen to notice any awkward behavior in the baby, inspite of being vigilant, dutiful and careful. Seeing your babies grow is probably the best phase. Give them due upbringing which they deserve as they will pleasantly change your life by giving you loads of happiness. After all, it is such a lovable bond that needs no introduction as babies are often regarded to be the angels who also fill the house with positivity. So, be a dutiful guardian and give all the happiness of the world to them.

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