AutoZone Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads 2022

AutoZone Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads 2022: Technology has changed our lives for better by making it more systematic and hassle free and one such proof is the AutoZone brake pads. Making the best use of technology where brake noise is no longer the usual scenario. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Now, with more grip and control which you get in terms of ‘stopping power’, along with lesser noise, there is an added life time warranty.


What is AutoZone?

AutoZone is not just the name of a company which sells automotive parts and accessories in the United States; it is also the other name of trust. Rightly so, as it has become the most obvious and natural place for your automotive related needs. Having its headquarter in Memphis, Tennessee, and has more than 6,400 stores in several nook and corner of the country. The love and trust of the people has given significant boost, and it has registered over $15 billion in sales last year.

AutoZone Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads 2022


If any part fails to function

As a product owner of Autozone, if any part malfunctions, you need to take the same to the company where based on the terms and conditions, you will get refund or replacement. This is where AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty gives you the convenience to either replace or get full refund in case of a failure of any part coming under warranty period. But, it shouldn’t have a normal wear and tear. The warranty is valid for one replacement when it is established that there is a manufacturing defect.

Although, there have been cases when the parts have been replaced even with normal wear and tear, thus showing the courtesy of the staff, but it may an exception to say the least.


AutoZone Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads

In order to benefit with the term Lifetime warranty, one needs to be aware that it is the warranty covered against the material defects as well as any manufacturing defect. There is no set time limit, but the warranty usually lies till the person is actually the owner. If he sells to someone else, then the warranty stops. It also implies that as long as the manufacturing unit continues to run the business, then you can enjoy the limited warranty period.

AutoZone Lifetime Warranty Brake Pads 2022

How can the average lifespan of brake pads be defined?

Talking about average conditions, the lifespan of brake pads are usually 40,000 miles. A lot depends on the lifespan actually, like that of the quality as well as the skills of the driver as they can seemingly create a wide possible range. For example, the range can become between 20,000 miles and 65,000 miles.


Under what conditions will the AutoZone limited warranty will fail to exist?

  • If there is a misuse of the part
  • Not installing properly
  • Other parts which have malfunctioned
  • Similarly, the coverage will stop immediately, if you happen to sell or transfer the vehicle


How to claim AutoZone Brake pads lifetime warranty?

Take your four brake pads with a receipt claiming that you are the rightful owner and that it has warranty. Also, the receipt is the proof that you have purchased from AutoZone. Convince them about the defect which gives you problems, so that as they are satisfied with the same, you can ensure replacement for the vehicle where they were installed originally.

You just have to pay for the labor costs. Also acknowledge the fact that the vehicle makes use of several components that works together for maximum support during applying brakes. The brake pad warranty will stop, if any other component such as hoses, master cylinder or rotors is causing the issue.


Final Thoughts

There, you can achieve the AutoZone’s lifetime warranty brake pads, where technically you should be aware that it is not a normal wear and tear. It is actually a manufacturing defect. You can claim just once, when that happens, and if you are selling or transferring the vehicle, you should also know that the warranty expires. Overall, it pays to stick with the renowned company for obvious reasons that it has come of age while continuously providing exemplary services for decades. As associating yourself with a renowned vehicle can add to your peace of mind.

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