Autozone Battery Return Policy Without Receipt

Autozone Battery Return Policy Without Receipt: Batteries are the lifeline of your vehicle and choosing from a brand can add to your convenience. You have ultimate peace of mind that since a renowned company like Autozone has been operating for decades will surely have products tested for the needs of customers.

AutoZone has the unbiased and obvious tag of being the largest automotive and light truck parts seller in the United States. Since its inception in 1979, it has ventured into various services such as battery replacement, diagnosing the engine as well as changing oil.

The reason customers have a natural inclination for AutoZone is due to their ‘quality’ which is not just with their products, but also with their services. For example, talking about the Autozone battery return policy, you are liable to get a full refund within 90 days.

Autozone Battery Return Policy Without ReceiptAutozone Battery Return Policy Without Receipt

What is the Autozone battery return policy?

AutoZone has a convenient and lenient return policy where if the battery is in original condition can be returned within 90 days, provided that you have a receipt and it was purchased from nowhere else but the store.

  • If there is a defective battery, then priority should be done so as to return within the warranty period which is mentioned in the receipt.
  • In case you are returning a car battery, you can do so, by authenticating your identity
  • In case you have purchased it with a check or credit card and need to return the same, then while returning you have to make use of the similar payment.

When is the possible and proper time for you to return the battery to AutoZone?

AutoZone, as per its user friendly services, offer convenience for the customers with the return policy of their unused batteries. For example, if the size of the battery is improper and doesn’t technically fit or if it’s not working, then you can return as part of a 90 days refund or exchange policy which is there on the batteries that are not used.


Warranty differs with respect to the brands

Certain brands have more warranty periods. The warranty depends on the brand you choose, since AutoZone is the hub of purchasing various types of batteries. For example, Platinum and Duralast Gold have 3 years in which you can do free replacement. Other sets of batteries namely Duralast, Valucraft as well as Econocraft brands have 2 years, 1 year and 90 days respectively where you can get free replacement. While one should know that the warranty will cease to exist if at any point in time, you sell the vehicle.


Under what circumstances or situations warranty is not covered?

  • If the installation hasn’t been done professionally or properly
  • If the vehicle has been improperly used that for racing where there is abuse and misuse to the parts
  • If the fluid level is low


What is the time period required by AutoZone to give a refund for your battery?

After you have undergone the complete formality and you are eligible for refund, then it just takes two to three business days.

In case you have used a mobile wallet for payment, then it requires 30 days for verification by which you can request for the refund.

While you purchase the battery, you should double check, whether the battery needs charging or not.


Pro-rata Warranty

In case the free replacement period is over, and then the battery got the defect, then in such situations, Pro-rata warranty works. This lets the owner get discount on the purchase of a new battery while considering the extent of time passed for the warranty period as this is taken into account.


In case the receipt is lost?

Well, mistakes may happen with anyone. In case you have lost the receipt, the courteous employees of Autozone will search in the database of the last three months, (90) days, so that you can proceed with the transaction. In order to fasten the whole process, simply tell the date and time of purchasing the battery.


Certain situations when AutoZone doesn’t install the battery:-

  • If the AutoZone employees have to work their way in removing other components in order to reach battery
  • If the customer prefers to install the battery at a different position
  • AutoZone won’t install batteries of other retailers


Final Thoughts

AutoZone will install the battery for free, and you need to know and visit the AutoZone location where such service is there. Incase you haven’t purchased from Autozone, then you may have to pay certain charges for installation.


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