Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day History and Facts

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day History and Facts : On 20th February of every year, Arunachal Pradesh celebrates its statehood. Arunachal Pradesh got to become a full-fledged state on 20th February 1987. The state was known by the name North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) till the year 1972.

On 20th January of 1972, it got the status of a Union Territory and then its name got changed to Arunachal Pradesh. Since the time it got recognition as a state, they celebrate Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day.

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day History and Facts

Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day History and Facts
Arunachal Pradesh Foundation Day History and Facts

History of Arunachal Pradesh foundation day

If we conduct a contest to select the state with the best name, Arunachal Pradesh can surely get the win then. The meaning of the name states “land of the dawn-lit mountains” as it reflects the beauty of the Himalayas. When India got Independence, Arunachal Pradesh was not a state at that time however it was a region popular with the name NEFA. The administrative powers of the region were in the hands of the Assam government at that time.

In January 1972, NEFA became Arunachal Pradesh UT. But on 20th Feb 1987, it gets counted as the 25th state of the Indian Union. The international borders of the state are joint with Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. In 1962, the territorial claims of the region got split into the Sino-Indian War. But, nobody could grab the statehood from the state after becoming a full-fledged state.

Facts about Arunachal Pradesh

  • Among the north-eastern states, Arunachal Pradesh has the largest area. The area of the state is even more than Assam that is the most populous north-eastern state.
  • The state pays homage to the world’s largest diversity of ethnic tribal communities and groups as well as subgroups.
  • Arunachal Pradesh got its statehood under the State of Arunachal Pradesh Act of 1986 in the year 1987.
  • There are 16 districts in the Arunachal Pradesh state and its capital is Itanagar. Itanagar is situated in the Papum Pura district of the state. Ita Nagar means fort made of bricks. The Ita fort got built during the time of the 14th Century AD.
  • The cultural heritage of the state is commendable as the different tribal groups still celebrate their ethnic rituals and customs. A lot of different festivals gets celebrated in the state in diverse regions.
  • 330 km of NH is there in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The state also got mentioned in Kalika Purana and Mahabharata literature from the Prabhu Mountains.

The beautiful mountainous state of Arunachal Pradesh is a wonderful place to live as it has a plethora of splendid landscapes to sight-see. The people of the state celebrate its statehood day on 20th February annually with a sense of pride and solidarity.

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